I get asked often where I shoot. I am putting together this page so I can share some of my favorite locations with you, and you can choose which one works best for the aesthetic you have in mind.

We'll start with a client favorite, Ames Library in Easton. Easy to get to and many, many backdrops so walking just a few feet can completely change the feel of your images.  Waterfalls, wooded areas, stairs to nowhere and the beautiful house on location all add different levels of drama and beauty to your images.  Hit the library in the spring, and you'll be greeted with daisies all over the property.  The fall brings lavender and gorgeous colors.  A great place for senior portraits and a place I'm frequently in for minis, due to the amount of backdrops this place offers. 

Ames Library-Easton, MA

Next on the list is War Memorial Park in West Bridgewater.  Also filled with lots of different backdrops in a small location, it features waterfalls, bridges, covered bridges a large open field, stone building and more.   War Memorial Park-West Bridgewater, MA

Many people love the beach for their sessions.  One of my favorites is Town Neck Beach in Sandwich, MA.  A great long wooden boardwalk paired with the stairs down to the ocean, and the protected cove on just the other side of the stairs makes the BEST spots for pictures whether you want on the rocks by the water, in the protected cove area or on the boardwalk, these are all covered.  Bonus, I rarely shoot before 6:00 pm in the summer.  Parking is free after 4:30.  Not recommended for families with young children as the boardwalk is quite high with no railings.  The town of Sandwich has also voted, due to its aging condition, to demolish the boardwalk at the end of the 2022 season.  So I am currently unsure of what will replace it. 

Town Neck Beach-Sandwich, MA Another beach I frequent is Long Beach in Plymouth. In the perfect conditions (low tide), this beach has a mile of gorgeous reflective sand.  Parking at the end of the lot and walking a little past the start of the rock walk guarantees basically no crowds.  The sand is smooth with few rocks in that area, as opposed to Town Neck which has so many rocks you almost can't get to the water. 

Long Beach-Plymouth, MA A very, very new place for me is a wildlife reserve in Norton.  It is off Bay Rd (which is Bay St in Taunton and simply carries over for a mile or so into Norton), very near The Chateau restaurant.  This quiet little preserve is a couple miles from my home and I didn't even know it existed until last year.  Hardly ever anyone there.  Open fields with tall grass and wooded paths.  The downside to this is it can be a bit of a walk from the parking lot.  If you're looking to stay close to Taunton, open fields, and no crowds, this is the place for you. 

wildlife preserve-Norton, MA

The bird sanctuary (Gertrude Boyden Park) is another favorite for people looking to stay in or around Taunton.  Off Winthrop St in Taunton, it's fairly easy to get to.  Also quiet.  The big grassy field in the front is where I live when I do sessions here.  Easy walk from the parking lot, and the sun comes through the trees absolutely gorgeously at sunset.  Really one of my favorite places to be in Taunton at sunset.  Many of my mini sessions take place in this location because it's so convenient for everyone. 

bird sanctuary-Taunton, MA Those are my top 5 places to shoot.  Of course, as always, my favorite places don't have to be YOUR favorite places.  If you have something you love more, let me know!  I'm happy to travel and I'm happy to bring new places into my rotation.  I love going new places and shooting in new beautiful spots.  But if you have no ideas, please feel free to choose from my list.