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October 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Once again, I have not kept up on this blog as I should.  Life and editing get away from me in a hurry. 

Recently, I have switched off taking payments via PayPal.  They have recently undergone some changes that I did not like that were no longer good practices for my business, so I made the switch.  I am now using Square.  Your credit card info is still safe, if not safer, through the new system.  Every transaction is encrypted so you can rest easy knowing I never even see your number, let alone store it.  In this digital age your safety and privacy is very important to me.  And I won't even allow the option through my invoices for you to save your card number.  I know it's a pain to have to go get your wallet every time you make a transaction, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  So if you have worked with me in the past and see a different looking invoice from me, please be assured it is still my business you're purchasing through, just an upgraded version of me.  

Second, I am so blessed and grateful to be so busy this summer.  I was just telling my husband I don't believe I've had a weekend off, except that 3 weeks we went to Utah, all summer! I have done everything from graduations to bar mitzvah's to high school seniors.  I've loved every second and every new face.  My prices did recently increase, and I have to thank everyone that continues to book anyway. With that being said, I have been having trouble collecting retainer fees lately.  I understand that life gets crazy and sometimes the time just gets away from you.  Please understand I have been very busy this summer and that multiple people have been asking for dates to get their sessions in.  I have always held dates for those that wanted them in good faith, retainers paid or not.  That will no longer be the case.  I just don't have time currently to chase people down.  It's been taking time away from editing that so desperately needs to be done to have to go in and see who still owes what retainer fees and then have to actively work on that.  In the future, I will hold your date in good faith for 7 days. After that, your date will be released.  I always send 3 reminders for your payments, because as I stated, I understand life just gets crazy.  The final reminder will now include a reminder that if payment is not received within 24 hours, your date will be released.  You will not get an appointment confirmation until a retainer is paid.  I do not want to turn people away, and I am happy to rebook your date if no one has already taken it.  But I cannot be holding on to peak days in the fall and summer with no retainer when I have multiple families who would love the opportunity. The time is so fleeting.  Again, I am happy to talk with you about getting you on my books, and you are welcome to take the same date if it's still available, or book a new one! 

Similarly, I am also having issues with getting galleries promptly ordered and paid for.  I have just been so busy that I don't have time to deal with galleries from two months ago when I have six galleries I'm currently working through whether it's shooting, culling, editing or ordering. 

Starting October 15, please note that all sessions will have to be paid for by the date of your session.  All retainer fees are applied towards any Collection you wish to choose.  Which means a minimum of $150 will be due on the date of your session to cover Collection 4.  If you pay at your session for Collection 4 and then decide you want to upgrade to Collection 1 when you see your images, I am more than happy to send an invoice at that point for that balance, factoring in money already collected.  A reminder will be sent to you with your appointment reminder that a minimum of $150 will be due at the time of your session.  This applies to all sessions after October 15, whether or not your session was booked before this change took place or not, so please plan accordingly!  If you would like to see the Collections I offer, please visit  I always accept cash, check or credit card.  

I love my job but I'm just getting a little burned out chasing the money down and it's not where my heart is.  I hate having to be the bad guy.  I feel like these changes will eliminate a lot of that on me.  I have loved every session I have worked this year.  I have laughed a lot, I have found new friends, I have learned so much about all of you!  I am grateful for every opportunity and I thank everyone for their understanding in these matters.  Please, please, please, if you have an outstanding invoice and just need a little grace period, please talk to me.  I am more than happy to work to find a resolution that is in the best interest of the both of us.  And I am always more than happy to work a payment plan. 

Now, I believe I will start blogging about my summer of seniors starting early next week!  Make sure you join me! 



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