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Rolling Out the New Collections

May 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I am happy to say I worked for days last week to put together some great new Collections that will now be offered at Nichole B Photography.  These Collections include new products and now include Fine Art Prints.  These are printed on the highest quality paper to ensure your images last generations.  They display like gallery pieces.  Collection D will now also include a framed Fine Art Print.  You have your choice of a couple of different frame styles to compliment your home and décor.  I am so excited to roll out some of the new products! 

Below is the new Collections.  If you have already had your session with me, but have yet to order, please feel free to order from either this set of Collections, or the old ones.  Sessions booked today on out will be ordering off the new Collections. 



All Collections include photographer’s time and talent, a fully edited gallery, prints, digital downloads, shipping and an in-home ordering session.  All deposits will be deducted from the final total of whichever Collection you choose.


Collection A

8- 4x6
8 wallets
5 digital downloads


Collection B

1-11x14 Fine Art Print
2- 8x10
4- 5x7
8- 4x6
3 accordion mini albums
(all the same images)
(accordion mini’s can be substituted for a 6 image 4x4 cube)
5 digital downloads


Collection C

1 -16x20 Fine Art Print
1- 11x14 Fine Art Print
3- 8x10
4- 5x7

3 accordion mini albums
(all the same images)
(accordion mini’s can be substituted for a 6 image 4x4 cube)
10 digital downloads


Collection D

2- 16x20 Fine Art Prints
1- 11x14 Fine Art Canvas Print
1- 11x14 Fine Art Framed Print
(your choice of Ashland or Distressed Frame)
2- 8x10
1- 4x4 6 image cube
2- 5x7
15 digital downloads


Collection Add-On’s

Upgrade to an 8x8 cube for $25
Collection D- upgrade to a Colonial Frame for $30
substitute 1-4x4 cube for 3 accordion mini albums
substitute 3 accordion mini albums for 1 -4x4 cube
add an additional 4x4 cube for $35

A La Carte Pricing

(You must arrange to pick up a la carte items from photographer, or add a $7.50 shipping charge, unless added on to your original Collection.)

Wallets (sheet of 8)- $5
4x6- $8
5x7- $15
8x10- $20
11x14- $30
16x20- $40
4x4 cube- $35
8x8 cube- $65
accordion mini albums-$35
(must order in groups of 3)
Fine Art Print (8x10 or larger)- add $15 to any print price
digital download- $20 per image

Any Fine Art image can be mounted for a custom price.  Please contact me to sit down and discuss material and size desired.

Metal Prints

8x10- $65
11x14- $80
16x20- $95

Fine Art Canvas Prints

8x10- $65
11x14- $80
16x20- $95

Metal and Canvas pricing includes shipping.

Wood Holiday Ornament- $20 each
(engraving available)


Pricing on my Collections has stayed the same (with the exception of Collection D which increased slightly) and I worked really hard to bring quality products and images without increasing costs to you.  Several new products are available in the a la carte section.  Some pricing in the a la carte section has actually decreased, so if you have been wanting to purchase a canvas, you may find the price is actually less expensive than it used to be.  There are also several add on's I have included for the main Collections.  You can upgrade some of your Collection items for minimal pricing in most cases.  Wallets are now a thing of the past (with the exception of Collection A) since I get so many requests to swap them out.  They are still available as an a la carte item though for a minimal price for a sheet of eight.  If you have a request for a size not listed, please contact me for custom pricing.

Ordering can still be done via email or text, or whatever is easiest for you, but I am now offering ordering sessions in your home to make the process much easier for you and take away a lot of the guess work.

As always, a payment plan can be arranged.  Please don't feel like quality work and product is out of your reach! Please just discuss your needs with me before your session.

What new Collection are looking forward to?


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