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New Products

May 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Beauty FramedBeauty FramedThis picture was taken in North Conway, NH.
All image are high resolution images. Your image will print on professional quality paper and is hand checked for quality before it leaves the lab. Adding a lustre coating at checkout will ensure that your images resist fading due to light exposure for years to come.
I am excited to announce I have begun working with a new lab.  I have gotten samples of this labs work and the colors are stunning and make the images really come to life.  I now have the option of so many different papers to print your images on.  Papers with a linen texture, a pebble texture, a lustre coating (which helps prevent fingerprints and sun fading of your images), metallic paper, so many different options.  I will also be offering in home consultations with your order process so you have the opportunity to hold some images in your hand and really SEE how the different textures and coatings can make images look.  These in home ordering sessions will not cost anything extra and come included in all packages.  These are not required, of course, you could always just make a request for a specific paper or your order will be printed on a standard glossy paper if no request is made.  I assure you the standard glossy prints are also a high quality.  If you would like the opportunity to look at the different options, but are not sure you'll have the time for an in home consultation after your session, please just ask me before your session to bring my example images with me and I would be happy to do so and you are free to browse the different print options after your session. 

Fine art prints will also be a thing.  I am super excited about this and intend to include a fine art print in most of my packages.  These are printed on a superior paper and showcase your images with a luxurious and professional look and feel.  The inks used also have a substantial longevity that ensure your prints last for generations. 

There are other new products that will be available that I can't wait to show you and roll out.  I am currently reworking my packages, while trying to keep pricing on the packages the same.  Wallet images will be a thing of the past (but still available upon request) but I'm hoping to add in even better options. 

For now, orders will continue to be printed through the current lab until the new Collections officially are released.  If you would like to meet with me to see some of the new options, please let me know and I'd be happy to meet up for coffee or in your home!

I am a big believer in prints.  CD's and USB drives collect dust and will become obsolete and get lost.  What is printed off those devices, is printed on inferior paper or products that do not represent the true colors and quality of your images.  Your family memories should be printed on the highest quality paper, by one of the highest quality printers so you can hold on to these memories for a lifetime.  I will be doing an experiment soon, printing through my lab, a few other quality labs that I highly recommend you use for your own digital images purchased from me, and then from places like Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.  I guarantee you will see a HUGE difference.  And not a good one either.  Many distort colors and crops leaving much to be desired for images you spent good money for at your session. 

I am constantly striving to give you the highest quality prints from your sessions.  I am excited for new changes and looking forward to new products.  I can't wait to hear the feedback from these new images.  And please, again, feel free to contact me if you would like to be one of the first to see these new prints and products! 


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