New Year, Best Year

January 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Happiest of New Year's!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  It always seems to come so fast, but it goes so fast too!  This morning we are up early and back into the school routines.  I hope everyone has bundled up today because the temps are ridiculously chilly this morning.  Hang tough.  Spring is in 77 days.  We got this.  If only the days from Christmas to spring went as fast as the days from fall to Christmas!

Moving on....

This year, I would like to work on a building a few areas of my portfolio.  Weddings being one.  So if you're a bride with a wedding at least six months out, contact me!!  I'm offering a 15% discount off ANY of my wedding collections and a bonus 11x14 metal print of your favorite image.  This offer is good until June, 2018.  This is a bonus that could save you anywhere from $150-$637!!!  AND a bonus print!  Except for our smallest wedding collection, all collections include 2 photographers and bridal albums.  Most Collections, except my lowest wedding collection, also include at LEAST 5 hours of coverage!! Depending on your wedding, that could cover your prep, ceremony AND a lot of your reception!  Let's make this happen!  I would love to book at LEAST 2 weddings by the end of the year. (they don't have to happen this year, but I would LOVE to schedule some in my books) Go check out the bonuses that come with the wedding collections. Refer a bride and receive 20% off your next session!!! That could be anywhere from $24-$52 depending on your Collection! Make sure she lets me know you sent her, or send me a message so I know who to give credit to!

Another offer currently happening: winter portfolio building.  Let me start this by saying the temps lately have been dangerously cold.  I am not into putting myself, or you into a potentially harmful situation.  With that being said, I would love a few brave couples (no families please) who wouldn't mind tackling the elements with me.  Must have a fairly flexible schedule and be able to go out very shortly after a snowfall (or better, during, but again, a light snow.  I will not bring people out into dangerous conditions, and that includes dangerous driving conditions).  These couples will receive a FREE digital image from their session.  No purchase is necessary.  You don't need to pay me a deposit, you don't need to purchase a Collection.  However, if you do decide you would like to order a Collection after you get your gallery, you will receive a 15% off any Collection.  I will need couples who are not afraid of a little PDA in front of the camera, and who would not mind these images being used for advertising and portfolio building. If you're interested, please send me an email (which can be found in the "contact" section of my website) and a picture of you and your lovely S/O.  You can also send me a PM on facebook if you're more active over there.  If you'd like to tell me a quick story of the two of you, that would be lovely as well.  I will be choosing 2-3 couples by no later than January 9.  Or next Tuesday for those of you, like me, who have no flippin' idea what the date is ever.  If chosen, you will be contacted by email.  So even if you PM me, please leave me your email address!

Okay, third on my list.  Wait....there's MORE?!  Yes, there is.  I am so, so, so grateful to clients who come to see me frequently.  Some clients have become friends as well and I am so thankful to have come across some of these people in my life.  As a thank you, returning clients, please enjoy a free print this year (in a size of YOUR CHOICE) and an extra 5 digital downloads on all Collections.  This is good ALL YEAR.  If you come see me 3 times, you will receive this offer 3 times.  If you come see me for Christmas mini's, you will receive the usual downloads, PLUS 5 more.  And a print!  I could not have built this business without you.  (This offer is only good by itself, though.  If you are one of my fabulous returning clients, and you also refer me a bride, you have your choice between this offer or the bride referral bonus.)

Last on my list....I have been terrible, terrible, terrible about pre-planning.  There are things I should have planned out early in the year, and then by the time I think of them, I have booked in my calendar and it's hard to fit in the extras.  So, I am announcing Mini dates.  I will be doing 3 sets of mini sessions this year. 
Beach Mini's: June 22-23 in half hour increments running from 5:30-8:30. 
Fall Mini's: October 20-21 in half hour increments from 3:00-5:00
Christmas Mini's: November 24-25 in half hour increments from 11-3.  This years theme will be Christmas pajamas! I am hoping to find a backdrop that mimics a bed, with an air mattress and bedding!
If these all fill in, I am not adverse to adding an additional day or an extra hour in somewhere. 

Mini sessions will be $125 and include 8 digital images.  IF YOU BOOK WITH A FRIEND, you will BOTH receive $25 off this price.  Both invoices will need to be paid 1 week before mini sessions.  Unfortunately, these sessions will also be non-refundable.  If both invoices are not paid by one week prior to the mini sessions, the remaining client will be billed the additional $25. 

Book early and receive $15 off! (Not to be used in combination with the "book with a friend" discount)
Beach Mini's- book by April 1
Fall Mini's- book by August 1
Christmas Mini's- book by September 1

Mini sessions are paid in advance.  An invoice will be issued with your discounted rate.  All unpaid invoices will be cancelled by 8:00 pm on the cut off dates and reissued with the regular amount. 

So there we have it!  I am looking to grow even more this year.  I would love to meet new people and add new things into my portfolio!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has stuck with me this far.  I would love to see all of you again this year, and hopefully meet new people!


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