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Baby Ashlyn

September 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Back to the blog.  I had some really fun and wonderful sessions this summer and I can't wait to dive more in depth here on the blog!

Baby Ashlyn came into the world on May 21.  She is so fortunate to have a very protective big brother, who kept a close eye on things and made sure she was comfortable and well taken care of while we were working. 

Like, seriously.  How cute are they?!  He had lots and lots to say about having a new sister and told me all about how first grade had been that year.  He is always full of energy and always has stories to tell me when I see him.  I'm betting Ashlyn will be the quieter of the two simply because she won't be able to be heard!

Already adored by her family she is definitely one of the best babies I have ever worked with.  We worked together over the course of two days and I think maybe I only heard a few little squeaks out of her in that whole time.  She was quite happy to lay peacefully and nap for a while.

So sweet and sooo teeny.  One of the smaller newborns I have worked with for sure, too.  So delicate, tiny and fragile.  Sometimes you forget just how small these little ones come.  It's nice to sit down and snuggle a baby for a while when I'm working.  Definitely a highlight to my working life.

This was not exactly an ideal pose for me, but she was so comfy, and had those arms tucked in really tight, so I let her slide like this for a few shots.  Sometimes when they're nice and comfy, I just let them be.

I'm hoping I get to see Miss Ashlyn a few more times (or many more times!) as she grows.  Such a small little peanut.  And as she's already four month old (!) she doesn't seem much bigger.  Moms, Dads, treasure these tiny times.  They're over quickly.  The amount of growing in the first year is absurd.  Ashlyn, I am so thankful to have been asked to work with you.  And congratulations Sara, Shane and Keegan on your beautiful little girl. 





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