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The Davine Family

June 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Way back in December, Lynn contacted me about a shoot as a Christmas gift for her parents.  We settled a date way back then and then I sent her a nice little certificate she could include in a card or something.  How were we to know in December this would be such a rainy spring?!  We had to move stuff around a little bit to make everything work just right for everyone.  It's HARD coordinating seven schedules and three households all at the same time!  So thankful we got this one in! 

I have had a few people contact me this year about sessions with grandparents, and I just adore it. 

These grandparents were clearly so proud of their grandchildren.  I love the easy nature they all had together. 

When you have a large group, there's so many different aspects to photograph, and so many relationships that work together and alone.  It's fun to catch some of those great interactions.

This brother and sister were great together.  Usually when I suggest a sibling touch the other sibling, they give each other the stink eye and act like touching each other will cause them to spontaneously combust.  My own two children are guilty of this, too.  None of that from these two.  They seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company!  It doesn't get much better than that!

When I get people one on one, I ask them questions and genuinely get to enjoy knowing who they are.  And usually, we can get some real, genuine smiles out of people, too!  I find, especially children, have a real smile, and then their "camera" smile.  I don't want camera smile.  I want the good stuff.  This guy cracked me up, and himself, and I just love the smile here.

And his sister was just a dream to photograph, too!  So natural in front of the camera and a very easy personality.  I don't remember girls being so pretty when I went to high school!  I felt like we were all a hot mess, gawky and awkward trying to figure out our place.  This young lady is gorgeous and oozes confidence. 

And I was so thankful this adorable couple agreed to some time in front of my lens together.  Usually it seems the adults don't want to be in the limelight like the kids do.  But these two were amazing.  Forty-six years together this year and they are still laughing and joking and enjoying each other's company and sense of humor!  May we all be so fortunate!  This is my relationship goals, right here. 

Thank you to the Davine Family for working through some rough weather with me and for hanging in there while we found the perfect time to fit in their session!  You guys were such a joy to work with and probably my easiest family to date!  You have set the bar high!



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