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It's easy to get overwhelmed with a photography session for your senior, your family, your kids....basically anything capturing a moment in your life you'd like to remember forever.  

I'm here to make it a little easier for you....hopefully.

Every photographer and every process is different, so I'm here to walk you through my process so you know what to expect every step of the way. 

Before Your Session

Once I have a date set for you, I will send you a link via email to complete your booking process.  Your date is not secured in my calendar until you accept your quote, sign the contract and pay the retainer to hold your date.  Sounds overwhelming, but I promise it's a few clicks and you're done!  You have 48 hours to complete the process.  After that I release your date in order to give everyone access to limited dates on my calendar, so please make sure to get it done.  

You will get a confirmation of your booking once your retainer is paid and even better, you'll get a reminder a day or two before your session!  I don't know about you, but I forget to write down way too many things, and reminders have saved my clients more than once in the past from missing their session.  I definitely don't want you to miss your session!

Outfits.  That's a popular question I get after booking is set.  "What should we wear?" 

My advice is to stay away from matchy-matchy outfits.  Everyone in a white tee shirt and jeans, even though it's easy to put together isn't always the best.  But the real explanation is harder.  My biggest advice is the color wheel.  Finding colors that are complimentary and will really bring your pictures to the next level revolve around the color wheel.  If you're looking for a super easy explanation and ways to make the color wheel work for your outfits, check this article out. Just scrolling down the page will give you FIVE ways to use the color wheel to maximize your outfits.  And odds are, you have something in your closet already that works in one of these five ways! 

Ladies, I always advise COMFORT as well.  If you're uncomfortable in your outfit, it will show.  I do a variety of poses, including sitting and standing, so make sure this is an outfit that can move with you.  

Another way I always advise people to go, neutral tones.  You can never go wrong with neutrals.  Want to add a little more pop to it?  Pick a bolder color and use it as your accent color.  Grab everyone in your group one accessory in that color.  Teal?  Dad in khaki shorts and a teal shirt.  Mom with a teal necklace.  Daughter with a teal wide brim hat....the possibilities to mix and match are endless.  

Also, I have a small client closet for young ladies and moms-to-be!  These are free to use for your session, just ask about what I have and I'm happy to send you some picture examples of the dresses in use!

Location: We will discuss location after retainers are paid and your questionnaire is filled out.  I'm a little secretive about my favorite locations.  I've discussed it previously in my blog, so I won't get into it again, but if you're interested in why I don't discuss them before the booking process is completed, you can read my reasons here

Two days before your session, you will receive an invoice for the balance of your session.  Your previous retainer will be taken off whichever Collection you choose, it's never an extra fee.  Due to past incidents, I no longer edit any gallery images until the remainder of the Collection is paid in full.  This includes sneak peeks.  I appreciate your understanding in this matter. 

During Your Session

Wherever we've agreed to meet, it's usually a little walk into my ideal shooting location.  Make sure you have shoes you can walk in, even if it means bringing an extra pair and changing them out.  But don't worry, I do try to keep locations semi-close to parking areas, so wherever we're going is usually within a half mile. 

I'm looking for interaction with your family during your session.  Snuggle the person next to you.  Tickle Mom.  Whisper your favorite breakfast cereal in her ear.  Some of it sounds crazy but run with it.  I'm going for the laugh at the end, the way he nuzzles into you, the giggling between mom and child.  If standing and looking at the camera the whole session is your cup of tea, I'm not for you.  Sometimes I will tell you to literally look anywhere BUT my camera.  I ask you a lot of questions and talk about things in my life that are similar to yours.  I love getting to know more about you while we're working and honestly, it loosens people up and they forget they're supposed to be awkward in front of my camera.  Especially when I'm working with senior boys.  They can be the most awkward in front of my camera and when I say things like "Don't you dare laugh at me," as I crawl up on a tree stump or picnic table to get eye level with them (I'm all of 5'0" tall), the first thing they do, obviously, is laugh at me.  

Depending on how old your kids are, or what age level I'm working with, I can usually get what I need within about 45 minutes.  Younger kids sometimes require more time, and that's fine!  Don't apologize!  Older kids that are great at standing still and following directions are less time.  Regardless, I know when I've got everything I arrived intending to get and end the session making sure YOU'RE happy as well.  If you have anything specific in mind, please let me know and I'm happy to try to work it in for you! 

After Your Session

Once I get home from a session, I always pop my camera card right into my computer and start downloading your images.  Before I have even left your session, I have probably already decided which picture I'm in love with.  Once the images are loaded, I do an edit on my favorite and share it on my Facebook and Instagram pages as a sneak peek.  Yes.  Sneak peeks are given the same day your session was.  Sometimes that's not until 9:00 or 10:00 pm, depending on how much chaos my own children have created in my house while I was gone, but always same day.  The very rare instance to this is weddings when I've been working 12 hours on my feet and get home late.  Those are done next day.  

Additional sneak peeks follow, usually an additional 2-3 over the next several days.  Once completed, no more than two weeks, you will receive a link via email of your gallery.  You are free to share this gallery with friends and family and use it to proof which images you'd like.  

Each image has a number associated with it in the gallery.  Depending on which Collection you chose, you can now let me know which number you'd like to fill each part of your Collection.  For example: 2-8x10's- #14 & 26.  You are free to use as many images as you'd like to fill each part of your order.  If you get 8-4x6's, please do not feel like you have to order 8 prints of the exact same thing.  If you WANT to, that's fine!  But don't feel like you HAVE to. My goal is to get as many images from your gallery into your hands.  If you work it right, you may be able to get almost every image in print or digital form.  You have two weeks from the time your gallery is activated to get your print order in.  Due to a high volume of work, I need to get galleries on my page and ordered in a timely fashion, otherwise it creates a huge backlog on my end.  Galleries that are not ordered from and expire after two weeks incur a $25 reactivation fee as it's more time out of my day to get it back up and open for you.  I do try to avoid having to charge this fee and you always get a reminder the day before your gallery is set to expire.  

Digital downloads, once chosen, will always be loaded into a separate gallery.  This gallery will be password protected to protect your downloads from unauthorized people having them.  You are free to download them as many times as you want.  Please just remember where you are downloading them to for easy access afterwards.  Download galleries are only active for one month, so please download them in a timely manner to make sure you have them before your gallery expires.  

Once your prints are ordered, I place the order to my lab as soon as I'm possibly able.  Please understand that my lab is set up to not only be professional, but to get your prints to you quickly.  Therefore, once your order is placed at my lab, I am unable to make changes to it.  They tell me I have a half hour to make changes, but I have tried previously to make changes as quick as 10 minutes post order, and they have already started the printing process on my order.  So please double check all your image numbers and print sizes before you submit them to me.  


And that's it.  That's the beginning, middle and end of how my sessions work.  Did I miss something you had a question on?  Please feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll try to get to it in a future post.  Or email me directly at [email protected].  

I look forward to seeing you out on the beaches and in the fields!

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A Planning Guide for Your Wedding Day I have been noticing so many wedding couples having trouble finding vendors and venues post Covid.  I had a bride book me almost a year ago already, her wedding is in 2022.  She booked me in 2020 when quarantines were starting to ease ever so slightly, because she knew brides that had their wedding dates canceled because of Covid, were likely shifting back a year.  Making 2021 and 2022 likely circus events trying to get your preferred vendors and venues booked.  I put together a guide for wedding couples that will help keep you organized and making sure everything gets done without getting overwhelmed.  If you are going for popular dates, such as 10/10/2020 or 05/05/05 (I know, I'm dating myself) make sure you book those even further in advance  EVERYONE thinks it'll be cool to have those for anniversary dates, so everything books that much faster.


12-24 months before the wedding

  • Figure out your budget
  • Figure out a date (it's great to have several options until you find your venue!)
  • Find your venue!
  • Choose your wedding party.  And choose wisely.  They will be going through some of the most stressful parts of planning with you

Find your venue can be the trickiest part.  Post-Covid, I have noticed venues booking really far in advance as newly married brides try to book venues, while brides that got their dates canceled try to reschedule everything.  This is making for crazy backlog, and of course, the most sought after sites are going quick.  So make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get the spot of your dreams booked!  If you can be flexible with your date, you'll probably be more likely to get space.  Also, weddings on Friday, or even Sunday's, sometimes incur lower prices because there's less desirability for those days.  

This is also a great time to start thinking about how many guests you'll be able to have with your budget, and what kind of theme or vibe you'd like your day to have.  

12 months out

  • Start looking for your vendors

Vendors book out so far in advance.  Run, don't walk.  As soon as you have your venue booked, start inquiring with the vendors you've been eyeing to make sure you get your dates reserved.  If you're going for a popular date (like 10/10/2020 was crazy popular) make sure you are nailing down your vendor before the 12 month mark, because those dates get booked QUICK!  Vendors include your caterer (if this doesn't come included with your venue), photographer, videographer, DJ or band, and more and more, I am seeing make up artists and hair stylists being booked this far out.  Get a feel for your vendors.  Sit down with them.  These people will be capturing or setting the mood for your whole day and you want to know you're a good fit!  Ask questions, make sure you get contracts and even ask your photographer if they include an engagement session with a booked wedding.  Many, like myself, do.  It helps us get to know you before the big day and it also gives you a chance to see if their delivered product meets your expectations. 

10-11 months out

  • Start shopping for your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses​​​​​​​
  • Book a block of rooms at a hotel for your wedding guests if you have people coming from out of town (or even if you think people will just want  to crash for the night!)
  • Create your wedding website
  • Set up your appointment for your engagement pictures
  • Start looking at wedding invitations and save the date

​​​​​​​Make sure you call a few bridal shops and see if an appointment needs to be made.  Say yes to the dress by 9 months out to make sure you have enough time for alterations and time for that dress to be shipped to your boutique!  

Now that you have your photographer booked, this is a great time to start getting to know them!  Get those engagement pictures booked so you have some cute pictures for your Save the Dates! You'll likely be able to find a vendor that can theme your Save the Dates to match your invitations. 

When choosing invitations, don't forget that odd sizes usually increase postage requirements.  Not a big deal if you're inviting your 20 closest friends, maybe, but it really starts to add up when you have 150 guests!

9 months out

  • Purchase your wedding dress if you haven't already and make sure bridesmaid dresses are all ordered as well.
  • Send Save the Dates

​​​​​​​Start looking for someone to alter your wedding dress, unless your boutique offers this service.  They may!  Just ask!

8 months out

  • Register for gifts.  You can include this info on your wedding website if you've created one.
  • Meet with florists

​​​​​​​Talk with your florist about your budget and the vibe you're going for.  Many will be able to suggest tips and tricks to keeping your bouquets in price range by using blooms in season!  Keep this in mind when thinking of your floral arrangements.  Remember working with a florist includes you, your bridesmaids, flowers for the ceremony, and usually, flowers for your tables as well.  There are many other options than fresh flowers as well.  Look into silk or wood flowers that will last forever and may be cheaper in the long run, especially if you have your heart set on blooms that are not in season for your wedding. 

7 months out

  • Book your rehearsal dinner venue.  Maybe you're just going to hold a BBQ in your friend's yard.  Whatever that evening looks like, start getting details nailed down. 
  • Order and reserve rentals. 
  • Hire an officiant

​​​​​​​Maybe you're getting chairs for an outdoor ceremony.  Maybe you're securing a giant tent for your outdoor vows.  Even linens.  Some venues include a caterer, but no linens.  Make sure you're aware of what your particular package contains at the venue so you're well prepared the day of.  If you want a photo booth for your reception, now is probably a great time to start looking at that as well!

If you're getting married in a church, or on a cliff side, make sure you start looking to book the person who will pronounce you man and wife.  Again, if you're choosing a very popular date, you may need to look to do this a little sooner than 7 months out. 

6 months out

It's starting to get real!  Your big day is only 6 months away!

  • Book transportation for your guests to the ceremony and/or the reception
  • Book your transportation for the day of
  • Book the honeymoon!
  • Start the rental process for the groom's and groomsmen's tuxes
  • Find your baker and discuss your wedding cake details.  Make sure to ask if they have a tasting so you and your significant other can find the perfect flavor for you!
  • Start DIY-ing anything you're going to do yourself to take the cost of the wedding down. 

​​​​​​​DIY can take a bit of time.  And let's be honest, between your full time job and this wedding planning, you're going to need all the time you can get!  Have a night where you invite your bridal party over and get everyone involved.  Four hands are better than two! 

​​​​​​​If you're not sure if you'll need transportation for your guests, think about the ceremony or reception venues, and what their parking areas look like.  Will your guests have to park a couple streets over?  May be a good idea for you to get a shuttle, especially in hotter months, so guests are still fresh when they get to your venue. 

4 months out

  • Have your final tasting with your caterer. Some will charge a small fee, but you'll be able to likely customize a few options for you and your guests.
  • Buy your wedding bands
  • Have your hair and make-up trial with your artists​​​​​​​

3 months out

  • Finalize your menu with your caterer
  • Order your wedding invitations (order extra!)
  • Start putting together guest favors.  You may have already started this if this is part of your DIY projects!
  • Start writing your vows if you plan on writing them yourselves!

​​​​​​​2 months out

  • Send out your invitations. (Pro tip: number each invitation and keep a master list of who is getting which invitation.  You'd be stunned at the amount of people that forget to send them back with their name!)
  • Pick up your marriage license (this can vary by state, so make sure to look up what needs to be done in your state!)
  • Buy your wedding party gifts.  
  • Meet with your florist and do a mock up of what your bouquets and centerpieces will look like.  
  • Finalize your song selections with your DJ or band, also at the church with the choir director, if applicable
  • Finalize any special shots with your photographer.
  • Buy all your small things that you left to the end.  Unity candles, ring bearer pillows, rose petals, guest books, cake cutting utensils and anything else!

​​​​​​​I meet with my brides several times before the day of the wedding.  I want to get a feel for what your hopes are for the day, what little pieces you may forget to tell me the day of, the family member you'll just die if you don't get a picture with....tell me (or YOUR photographer) ALL of that!  When the day is gone, all you'll have left is the photos and videos, so make sure you keep these people up to date on all the changes or special pieces of your day.

1 month out

  • Create your seating chart
  • Pay your vendors in full
  • Put cash in envelopes for tips.  Give these to your wedding planner, or delegate someone to do it.  You'll have enough to worry about the day of.
  • Have a final venue walk through.  Make a list of questions beforehand so you don't forget anything.

​​​​​​​The week of your wedding

Yay!  It's the week of your wedding!  This is time for all the fine details.

  • Get your nails done
  • Get your eyebrows done
  • Get a massage (you're worth it!)
  • Pick up your wedding dress and make sure your maid of honor or a bridesmaid is with you and can learn your bustle
  • Pack for the honeymoon
  • Get your rings cleaned
  • Practice your vows
  • Make any last minute adjustments with your vendors

​​​​​​​Night before your wedding

  • Any boxes, bags or survival kits that are being brought to the wedding (if you're spending the night in a hotel) or on your honeymoon, get those in your car
  • Attend your wedding rehearsal.  


  • Eat a good breakfast.  Your day will get crazy and you're going to need to eat where you can find time. 
  • Steam your dress, if needed. 
  • Layout the items for your photographer that you want captured, such as your ring, bouqet, invitations, etc.


Finally, enjoy your day and make sure to stop and take in the moments.  The day will be over so quickly and you'll want to remember this day you've been planning for over a year!



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Why Printed Pictures Are Important I said a blog post was coming this week on what to expect for your sessions, but in order to write that post correctly, I'm going to take a little more time to do it.  

This week I'm going to focus on pictures, and why it's so important to print your pictures.  

If you've worked with me, you know almost all of my Collections include prints.  I print only at the best quality professional labs to ensure your images are printed on the highest quality paper with the highest quality ink so that these images will be able to last for generations in your family.  Just like the picture everyone has of grandma, or even great grandma!  You are ensuring future generations have something tangible of your legacy in the family.  Time is fleeting.  I lost both of my parents before I was 30, and every single picture I find of them today, I swear, is like a treasure.  I love going through their friends photo albums, because I know, an image of them will sneak up somewhere and it will make my heart sing.  

Picture of my mom and her brother.  Both gone now, but this picture sits on my desk and makes me smile.Picture of my mom and her brother. Both gone now, but this picture sits on my desk and makes me smile.Picture of my mom and her brother. Both gone now, but this picture sits on my desk and makes me smile.

A picture of my mom with her brother.  Both gone now.
This sits on my desk now and makes me smile every time I see it.

Technology is always changing.  Depending on how long you've been with me, I started out by giving digital images on CD's.  I shudder to think how many of those digital images are completely obsolete at this point and gone.  With my newest laptop upgrade (thanks to my amazing husband at Christmas!), I no longer even have the ability to make CD's on my computer.  And with my weddings and events, I give a custom USB drive with images.  But even USB ports are disappearing on computers as technology marches ever forward to be smaller, sleeker and more efficient.  Leaving me to wonder if I should continue to offer these, or just do downloads online like I do for regular galleries.  

Picture from the CD days.

An image from my CD days. 

Computers also crash, or need to be updated.  I can't tell you how many pictures I've lost over the years with losing phones (or destroying them), and computers needing to be upgraded.  Thankfully, I have a storage system for all client images, but I am not as careful with my own images (though recently, I've started to make sure those are safe as well).  I have been contacted by several clients in the past that hope to God I still have their images as they've had some sort of major computer malfunction, all their pictures gone.  And I do!  

And look, photography isn't cheap.  I understand that coming to me is a bit of money.  I do hope people understand that me taking your pictures isn't just showing up to click a button.  It's hours before a session communicating.  It's hours before your session planning.  It's hours before your session making sure my equipment is in order, lenses are cleaned, memory cards are formatted, batteries are charged.  All in multiples.  This equipment is also incredibly expensive and there are multiples I take to every session, in case, God forbid, a failure happens, I can be ready to go with the next battery/card/lens/camera body.  Then there's the time after your session I spend.  It's 20-30 minutes just getting your session loaded into the computer and then culling (the act of going through the images where your eyes are closed, your body positioning is off, my camera missed focus for some reason....)through the session takes time, and then every individual picture in your gallery is taken in to photoshop and edited to it's full capacity to give you a beautiful final image.  

After all that work, after all that money, wouldn't you want to SEE your pictures?  Downloading them to your computer, you'll likely leave them there, maybe sharing them to social media.  After that, you'll see them once a year as they show up in your "memories".  It's hard to really enjoy them that way.  Print them!  Put them on the wall!  Remember how funny it was when I told your kids to whisper a secret into each other's ears, and one thought the other said fart and they broke down into hysterics (that's happened).  Remember how little your kids were in the moment.  Remember your senior as she (or he) finishes up their high school years and how excited and full of hope they were as they took on life and had nothing but the future ahead of them.  It goes fast.  People tell you it goes fast, but you never really believe it.  Until you realize your "baby" can start taking drivers ed classes in less than a year and you SWEAR she was teething last week.  (I'm fine, we're fine, it's all gonna be fine)

The "fart" photo.

The "fart" image.

Print your pictures.  And not at Walmart where they're trying to beat prices by giving you inferior products.  Print through me.  Or ask me where to print!  I'm happy to give you some cost effective places that I know won't ruin the quality of my work or the lasting quality of your print.  Your kids, and your kids kids, will thank you. 


*In a future post, I will be showing the comparison of printing at Walmart, or CVS, compared to a professional lab!

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My Quiet Spots If you've ever asked me about a location, you know I'm a little touchy about giving you a direct answer, unless you've already booked with me.  Why?  

First, is overcrowding.  Two years ago, I did mini sessions in a park.  There was fifteen photographers at this park.  I counted.  Even with photoshop helping me remove extra people out of a background, working around that many people (don't forget to add in all the photographer's clients!) out of images becomes a headache!  If you are with me and have younger kids, all those people can be distracting to them as well, making it harder to keep their focus on what we're doing.  

Sadly, people don't always have the most respect for their surroundings as well.  My daughter was assisting me one day at a popular location.  We watched another photographer do a cake smash with the cutest little boy ever.  There must've been 8-10 adults with this cutie, all getting shots with the birthday boy.  When they left, my daughter and I oohed and aahed over him as he passed us, with his little hat and suspenders.  

My daughter helped me finish up my sessions and then as we were cleaning up, we noticed the other photographer had left EVERYTHING from her session as trash on the ground where they had been working.  Streamers, confetti, even the plastic container the cake had come in had just been left on the ground.  

Many local parks and public areas are starting to implement permit fees for photographers.  Reasons like this is why.  Leaving your trash and not respecting the area ruins it for everyone.  If I shoot at 5 different locations with 5 different permit fees....I have to be able to pick up that cost somewhere.  So my prices need to go up, or clients need to pay the permit fee up front.  OR, they need to choose another location.  It's a lose/lose/lose for my clients.  

I didn't have to say a word to my daughter.  When we were done cleaning up our area, we quietly went over and started cleaning up their area.  There were trash cans on site, so there was literally no excuse for not cleaning up.  Especially when you had so many adults that each could've grabbed just one thing and dropped it in the can you had to walk by on your way out anyway.  

My "secret" one is there.  Few know about the location.  That cuts down on the overcrowding and the litter.  It creates a more unique session for you because not every person in town has that same shot.  

I also sometimes ask you to do things during your session that may seem odd.  Or feel weird.  TRUST ME!  I'm going for something here!  But now, when I ask you to do that weird thing, "kiss with your teeth!", you can do so without a park full of people watching you and your loved one try to figure out what I could possibly mean by kiss with your teeth. It's just you, your loved one, myself and possibly a horse (a horse literally showed up at my last session!). 

Lastly, I've had people ask me for locations, I talk with them about the locations and then they ghost me and go with another photographer, using my location.  Look, you can work with whomever you love as a photographer.  If my style doesn't fit you, THAT'S OKAY!  If my price is too high for you, THAT'S OKAY!  I take no offense.  I do take offense when you sneakily get information out of me to pass it along to someone else.  I have spent time looking for these locations and hours out of my day and away from my kids to make sure these spots are perfect for what I need when I need it.  I have also, sadly, had photographers try to send people my way, just to pretend to inquire about a session, ask about locations and then pass the info back to them.  Unfortunately, more reasons for me to not discuss locations until your booking process is completed.  If a photographer finds the location on their own, more power to them!  I have no problem sharing the space.  I do not work for anyone other than myself though.  I put in the time.  I put in the effort.  Feel free to get out and explore the great outdoors on your own.  

How do I find my locations?  Sometimes I literally stumble upon them.  God did not gift me with an internal compass.  My mother once got lost on her own street once.  For real.  Her sister-in-law was taking her home, turned down her street and my mother argued with her from the second she turned down her street until the moment they pulled into her driveway that she was NOT on the correct street.  Another time, my Dad had friends over for a card game and sent her to go grab some pizza for them to munch on.  The pizza place was two streets away.  We loved in Pawtucket, RI at the time.  Two hours later, she called the house and told my father she needed help because somehow she had ended up in Fall River, MA.  Of course, she didn't know that's where she was and it was a guessing game as my father asked her to describe her surroundings until he figured out where she had ended up.  "Barbara, how did you end up in Fall River?!  The pizza place is two streets over on the corner!"  "I followed the guy in front of me," she replied.  "He had RI plates and seemed to know where he was going."  He did!  It just wasn't the same place YOU were going!

I seem to have inherited that poor sense of direction.  Though, thankfully, not to that degree.  And since driving around lost with her on back roads in the late 80's and early 90's, there's been the invention of GPS.  Someone must've known I was going to need it.  I sometimes get turned around, but I always know where I'm somewhere I'm NOT supposed to be.  Haha!  So sometimes, I stumble upon locations by just being in the wrong place at the right time.  This is an example of one of those locations:

I was looking for another spot entirely, went one street over too far and found this lovely quiet beach that it seems no one knows about except the people on that street.  And no, it's not residents only, but it may as well be.  The most people I have ever seen at this location is 2.  And when that tide goes out, there's frequently seals that sun themselves on the rocks just off the beach.  It is so lovely and so quiet.  

Sometimes a client leads me to a location.  Do you have a beautiful spot you love spending time in, hiking in, playing in?  Let me know!  We don't have to use just MY spots.  Sometimes YOUR spots are way better than anything I had!

Some days I flat out go out with the intention of finding locations.  I drive around and stop anywhere that looks beautiful and not prohibited.  As you know, I'm not afraid to hike in a ways.  In fact, my prep guides for sessions should include making sure you have a decent set of shoes for walking in, because rarely are any of my spots right on the road.  Sorry! 

So that's the reason I keep my spots on the "secret" side.  I'm trying to keep your images unique and I'm trying to avoid dealing with the people that are going to inevitably create permit fees at more popular locations.  That keeps your cost lower.  


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Reopening Happy May the Fourth!  

I am now officially back open for business!! Woot woot!!

What does this mean for your session?

-I will be wearing a mask while in close quarters with you, such as greeting you, and coming in closer for direction.  For the most part, I will be shooting with a longer lens to maintain social distance and hopefully get the mask off and not scare little ones.  

-All payments have always been taken digitally, so that will continue.

-If you do not feel well, please, please, please stay home.  I am not currently implementing any fees for rescheduling at this time.  But please don't abuse that as well.  Don't leave me sitting at your session for a half hour before you let me know you're not coming. 

-I will only be working with groups of 5 at most.  I will not be taking extended family sessions at this time.  Please leave your Great Aunt Bertha at home.  I love her, but I'll see her when it's safe to do so.  

-Please keep your session to members of your household ONLY! 

-If your session is a single individual, if this person is older than 12, I ask that a parent or guardian stay in their car during their session.  I am a mother as well, and I promise I treat every child that comes to me like my own.  I care about their well being and safety.  If the child is under 12, I ask that only ONE parent or guardian accompany them during their session.  Another parent is of course, welcome to come, but please stay in your car.  

-I love lifestyle sessions, but I am not doing those at this time.  Please watch my page for the announcement of when I bring these back.

-I am not taking newborns at this time.  I do not feel I can safely social distance from them, and with brand new immune systems, I do not want to put them at risk.  I hope this is not for very long, and again, watch my page, hopefully I will be bringing back newborns shortly. 

-I will have hand sanitizer on location I will be using frequently.  You are welcome to as well. 

If you have any questions about any of this, or concerns I am always available to talk to you.  If you would like me to put ADDITIONAL policies in place for your session specifically, just ask!  And please do not feel pressured.  If you are not comfortable doing a session, don't do it.  I take no offense, and again, no penalties will be charged.  We are all just doing our best to get through this and I understand.  


In other news, I have been busy during my downtime.  I have purchased new editing software which I hope will make things faster and more know, once I install it and figure it out. ;) 

I have also purchased some smoke bombs!! Fun!  These would be so fun for upcoming senior sessions!  Or maternities.  Or engagements!!  Want one for your session?  Just give me a heads up before the day of your session and I'll bring them along! 

I also started, probably my favorite thing, a client closet for my maternity sessions.  Gowns are gorgeous and a jersey material.  They are super stretchy and fit sizes 4-16!!  If you would like to book a maternity session and want to borrow one of the dresses, let me know and we'll discuss options!  Of course, dealing with the current issues, ALL dresses will be used once per day and properly laundered in between sessions on a sanitize setting.  

I was set up for 2020 to be my best year yet and I am hoping to still make the best of it.  I know we have a lot of amazing ahead still.  Looking forward to seeing you all! 

If you have pre-paid a session, please feel free to contact me and start setting up dates.  If you had a session canceled with no reschedule date due to uncertainty, contact me.  We can start rebooking those dates.  And of course, if you have plans this summer for a session at all, contact me ASAP to get booked because my summer dates are going to start going quickly due to rescheduling.  

And lastly, THANK YOU!!! I watched photographers go under as all their sessions canceled and demanded refunds, leaving their businesses with no money to continue operating.  I had not one person cancel on me.  I offered dates to reschedule and people happily took them and thanked me for not canceling all together.  People pre-paid for sessions.  People put down deposits on stuff they hadn't even decided on yet.  For that reason, my business was able to continue and even grow to help make the experiences better when we return.  I am so, so, so thankful for each and every one of you.  Your support has meant the world to me.  


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Professional vs Drugstore I'm off my usual Monday blog post today.  I have started going to classes to get my butt into shape and had a class this Monday.  By the time I was finished dying, the day was over.  Haha! 

I wanted to break quick from blogging about sessions and talk about prints.  

I have had people complain in the past about prints made from digital downloads that just aren't coming out great.  When I ask where they're printing, it's always CVS or Walgreens or Walmart.  

Every lab is set up and calibrated completely different.  Some are set up to auto correct color, with no option otherwise, on images that have already been color corrected.  Obviously, I cannot set my computer up to color correct and calibrate to EVERY print lab out there.  So I focus on my print lab.  Where my professional prints go.  I know that what I see on my computer screen will be exactly what I see on my prints.  When I first signed up with this company, I was allowed a few free prints to make sure what I was seeing is what was printing.  If not, at least I would be able to adjust accordingly.  

Not just every print lab, but every computer is different!  I, in the past, have been in a quick bind with my own computer, so I have borrowed my daughter's.  I edited an image on there for a sneak peek.  When I got back to my own computer, the colors were MUCH duller than I thought they actually were.  If I edit an image on my computer, and post it as a sneak peek, that image will look MUCH different on my cell phone.  And not usually in a good way.  But I know the color quality is there because my laptop is what my true colors are on.  

So I did a quick experiment this week.  First, I tried uploading a couple of images to Walmart.  I couldn't even do it.  The size of my images (what I give you are ALWAYS extremely high res files) kept crashing the site.  So how you guys are even loading them to Walmart, I'll never know.  

So I tried CVS and Walgreens.  I have had numerous complaints about CVS in the past and I was actually surprised by the quality there.  I have to say several things could've factored into my better prints.  

1. It's a brand new CVS that just opened up within the last year.  Therefore, probably a better quality printer.  Or at least one that's not already run into the ground.
2. None of these quick pharmacy labs are set up for consistency.  What could be fine this week is terrible next.  

I will admit, not ALL of my own personal prints go through my professional lab.  Sometimes my husband will comment he wants some updated pictures for his locker.  I'll print through Walgreens which is right down the street and convenient.  Sometimes my daughter will need a quick picture for a school project, and over to Walgreens we go.  But their images that are going to hang on our walls, that are visible to guests, that will be passed down to THEIR children some day, those 100% go through my lab.  

The CVS prints I noticed, the colors were much more vibrant.  Which sounds like a good thing, but I'm already someone that likes images that are vibrant and true to color.  So these made them almost too much.  

So CVS is on the left, if you compare, you can see how vibrant the reds are.  And this is definitely not the sharpest picture, as I took it quick as an example, but the area around her face is a little pixelated and not sharp as well.  

This is a second set of pictures.  CVS, again on the left, you can see the difference in the almost electric greens in this image.  If electric green is not your thing, this print isn't going to be either.  LOL. 

When I picked up my CVS prints originally, I thought this wasn't going to be too bad.  I was shocked when I got home to see the vast difference in the greens. 

Now Walgreens, on the right, not only printed much much lighter than the other two labs, but this particular print also gave her skin a very yellow-y hue.  There was a slight yellow cast to her right arm that I brushed off in post processing for the original print, but it was almost like Walgreens didn't care about that.  It does not show as vibrant yellow here as it did in the print, again, because of my quick snap.  Her face was sharper in this print than the CVS version, but her skin, already a pale color, was ghostly white where it wasn't yellow.  

The same in this set of prints.  You can see how drastically lighter the right side is to the left.    

These pictures were almost perfect right out of my camera, which I think attests to how closely these three prints actually are.  That does not always happen.  Sometimes I forget to adjust a setting when shooting, only to realize when I get home and look through how underexposed it is.  I am working on getting better about checking these things ON LOCATION.  Thankfully, I can usually save these things in post processing.  When I do this however, this drastically affects the prints at local pharmacy labs, but does not effect my professional lab prints.  

Sometimes I will sharpen an image slightly in post processing.  I notice this almost always effects a pharmacy print as well.  Is there anything WRONG with the image?  No.  These are things many, many photographers do post processing.  Pharmacy labs are not properly equipped to print these types of files though.  They're great for quick prints.  And if you're going to run and make a quick 4x6 for grandma, go ahead!  I'm guilty of it too, at times.  

However, please please please print your larger images at a high quality lab, if not through me.  I cannot guarantee print quality that is not printed directly through me.  I notice the larger the print size at the pharmacies, the worse the quality.  They get so pixelated and the colors are so far off.  If you would like some recommendations of places that are better quality than CVS, Walgreens or Walmart, I am happy to provide some online places to you.  Mpix is a great one.  I had very little issues ever with Mpix when I was printing all my professional images through them.  They also have great pricing and quick turn around times.  Nations Photo Lab is another one I went through a few times and was always very pleased with the quality.  

I take the time to correct and edit each image individually.  Depending on how close I got it in camera, or what effect I'm looking for, this can be anywhere from 4 or 5 minutes up to 2-3 hours.  Yes.  Per image.   

You've spent the time and money to have your images professionally taken, so make sure you preserve those images for future generations and print with them! It may seem like a little thing, but it can end up being a big thing in the end. 

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Hailey K In late September, I got to meet Hailey. 

I adored her red hair and her eyes caught the light so beautifully the whole session. They were a stunning shade of blue. 

Hailey goes to Seekonk High and is such a smart girl.  She take psychology courses already at the high school level.  Who knew high schools were even offering that?!  She loves the classes and plans to start BCC in the fall and major in psychology.  

When I asked what her favorite subject was, she said English.  First time I've gotten that answer, I think!  Her mom said she was an unbelievable writer and loves writing essays and short stories.  Those college entrance essays should be a breeze. 

We did her session at Capron Park in Attleboro and there were so many lovely areas around to shoot in.  

I got most of my seniors this year before school started, but Hailey was already about a month into her senior year when we did our pictures.  She was enjoying her classes and already looking forward to the end of the year.  It's hard to believe these kids are now half way through already!  

Hailey didn't do any after school activities or sports.  She likes relaxing after school and hanging out with her friends. She also has her younger brother Tyler that she helps with.  

I hope Hailey is having a wonderful senior year.  And if she's not, it's almost over now. ;)  In 3 months, the end of May/early June, most of these seniors will be done with their high school careers.  Done with teenage things.  Some will begin jobs, some will move out, some will head to college.  I feel blessed that I get to meet and know these kids at the last phase of their childhoods.  There's a sense of giddiness and nervousness in all of them when we start talking about life in 12 months and what it looks like for them. 

Good luck Hailey! Looking forward to seeing the amazing things you do with your life!

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Shawn N Meet Shawn.

His Mom said he was going to be a hard nut to crack.  That he doesn't smile and hates having his picture taken.  I had a really great time with Shawn though and we had some laughs.  Fine, maybe his sister was actually standing behind me making faces at him. ;)

Shawn goes to Agawam High out in West Springfield, and I took the long drive out there to do his pictures. He plays the drums and from what I understand, he's really good at math, but not a fan of the subject in general.  LOL.  He enjoys history classes and hopes to go to STCC (a community college) next year and work on electrical engineering.  With his excellence in math, I bet he does great at this! 

I asked if he had a girlfriend, but we decided girls were too much trouble. 

When his Mom originally contacted me, she let me know that he played drums and wanted to do some pictures with his drumsticks.  I wasn't sure at first what I was going to do with drumsticks, but was happy with the end result. Shawn is also working on making his Eagle Scout.  My husband is an Eagle Scout so Shawn and I spent some time talking about his Eagle Scout project and then his (hopefully) eventual Eagle Scout ceremony.  I told him of all the doors being an Eagle Scout has opened for my husband, and that it doesn't sound like that big a deal, but the commitment to make Eagle is actually noticed and respected.  

Shawn's sisters joined us for the session, and we had some fun with them. His older sister (on the right) is already in college and was telling me how much she enjoyed it.  I believe she's a sophomore.  His younger sister, on the left, has a few years to go before we have to worry about her senior year. ;) 

Shawn's dog also came with him.  Well, one dog.  From what I understand, there were more dogs than this.  And I had to laugh when I learned Shawn was actually allergic to dogs.  This little guy was the cutest ever.  I spent too much time shooting just the dog.  Because if you bring a dog to your sessions, I am going to stop shooting people at some point and just focus on your dog. Haha. And never apologize to me for your dog.  I love them all whether they're barking at me, jumping on me for love, or behaving perfectly. 

I had a great time getting to know Shawn and his family.  I hope to get a chance to see them again in the future when his little sister is a senior!  I hope Shawn is having a great senior year, and that he is working hard to get his goals for the end of 2020 in order! 


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Sophia B Meet Sophia.

She is a senior this year over at Coyle Cassidy High School.  She's part of the National Honor Society and works at the Food Bank.  I know she had an endless list of after school activities, though I can't remember them all. 

She really, really wanted to shoot in the sunflowers.  Her mom found this amazing field of sunflowers that sits dead smack in the middle of Providence.  I mean, this is an island, surrounded by super busy streets on both sides, and you are just sandwiched in the middle in this sunflower goodness. 

Her face quite literally exuded joy when she stepped out of her car and got over to the sunflowers.  I don't blame her because I think it's physically impossible to be in a bad mood when you're surrounded by these tall flowers of sunshine. 

I initially wasn't crazy about the buildings in the background.  As I worked through her gallery though, I really loved the depth the added to the story! I'm not usually a big fan of Providence, but that morning I really got to know the city in a different light. 

We set our time for early on a Sunday morning, and I really think that was a blessing.  Being sandwiched in between two busy streets, and parking on street only, I'm not sure we would've had any luck finding parking at ANY other time of day.  So, note to all of you, if you're looking to shoot in this sunflower field, I am offering early mornings only.  Haha.  Think 8:00 am or earlier!  8:00 am actually was pushing it as we had the harsh sun rising and little shade to work in.  Which is why I was okay with some sunglasses coming in to the images! 

Sophia wants to pursue nursing after she graduates and was looking to apply to Salve Regina, Emmanuel College or Simmons College.  I know she applied to an was accepted to Salve Regina with a presidential scholarship offered, because she received that acceptance letter the day I delivered her prints!  I'm not sure if she applied to the other two that she was thinking of.  

There was a great pedestrian bridge right across the street from the sunflowers, so we played a little Frogger and dodged our way over there.  I just loved the more city feel these pictures offered, as I don't get many chances to shoot in such a populated city.  They had a farmer's market right down the street from the pedestrian bridge as well, that Mom perused while we were snapping pictures.  The city of Providence, while not my favorite, was certainly beautiful on this late August morning. 

Sophia was a joy.  Like most teenagers, I expected her to be a little tired and crabby having to get up and join me so early on a Sunday.  That was not the case at all, even though she said she can be crabby when she travels places.  But I'm not buying it.  Her personality so mirrors the bright, happy sunflowers.  It was really the perfect location for her session. 

Her smile lights up her entire face.  

I loved everything about this session, even though I'm not really a morning person.  I would get up early every day, though, if people wanted to shoot at this location with me.  I am thankful to Sophia and her mother, Tammi, for finding this location and bringing me to it.  I'd love to know if Sophia accepted the offer from Salve, or if she had some other amazing offer and where she's headed in the fall! 

And hopefully, I'll get a chance to work with her again in the future. 

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Colby R Meet Colby.

Like, seriously, one of the kindest, most respectful kids I came into contact with this year.  

I met Colby a few years back when he and his family came to me for family pictures.  I couldn't believe when his Mom contacted me in the summer and told me he was now looking for senior pictures!  The years go faster than you think they do. 

He is currently a senior at Bristol Plymouth High School and working in digital communications, which includes, ironically, photography! He loves voice over acting as well.  I'm not sure what capacity that entails within the school itself, but I know he's done a bit of work in it already and really loves it!

We talked a lot about what he's doing after high school next (this!) year.  He was very up in the air and I loved talking with Mom and Dad who said that 18 years old is so young to be deciding on your forever.  And I completely agree.  So many kids spend tens of thousands on a college career in a field they never even end up pursuing.  Better to take a year or so and figure it all out before jumping in with both feet. 

He did talk a little about joining the Navy though and the career options he could pursue through that avenue.  I'm surprised I don't get more young men coming through saying they're going to join either the army, navy, marines or the reserves.  I believe Colby was the first!  

Colby is another senior this year I don't have a lot of common contacts with.  I'm sure by now, the end of January, he is starting to figure out a little bit better what the fall looks like for him.  I'd love to get some updates on Colby, if anyone has them!  I'm thankful to Thomas' Mom in the last blog post for updating on how he was doing! 

I have to say, I think a lot of people are quick to put down teenagers.  Quick to judge them.  This class of 2020 is some of the most stand up kids I have had the pleasure of meeting.  I got to laugh a lot during my senior sessions this year.  I got to know a lot of great people.

They asked a lot of questions, they answered a lot of mine.  I am astounded to hear the course load a lot of them are handling at their ages and the ambitions they have for the futures.  Seniors are blank slates.  Nothing but the rest of their lives ahead of them. 

I hope you're having a great senior year Colby!  And if you're reading this, or Mom or Dad are reading this, I'd love an update to see how his senior year is going and what the end of 2020 holds for him! 


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Tom Canuel Tom was my third senior of the class of 2020 meeting me in early September.  I had previously worked with him briefly during a prom session, so it was nice to see his face again and ask how junior prom went! 

I honestly have to give some huge kudos to parenting with some of my male seniors this year.  These young men were so polite, so kind and so respectful.  Soft spoken, hard working, driven and motivated.  The 2020 seniors are going to be forces to be reckoned with when they're loose on the world.  

He's a senior at Coyle Cassidy High School this year, and is looking at several colleges for the fall.  There was Saint Anselm in Boston, Stonehill in Easton, and then there was a college in Ohio and one in the DC area that mom said we weren't discussing due to distance. ;) 

He hopes to major in secondary education and theology.  I have heard some of the most interesting majors from this years' seniors.  I'm sure by this point, he's applied to colleges.  I'm unsure if he's heard from anyone (I mean, I'm sure he has! I just haven't heard) and if any final decision has been made on where he'll attend in the fall.  I love keeping up with seniors and have been celebrating all winter as seniors I've worked with have been getting acceptance letters from all over New England.  This year's seniors seem to be staying fairly close to home and I haven't heard of anyone accepting any out of state offers yet. 

Tom wore this great hat to his session.  Mom said Grandma was insistent she wanted some without the hat, so we were respectful of that, but I loved the hat!  He wore it well and we had a little bit of fun with it! 

Thomas is also in drama club and a part of student council.  Mom said he's always running, always with something to do.  He's connected to a few other seniors I worked with this year, even though he was one of the first, so it was nice that all fall, my conversations with other seniors kept looping back to Thomas.  I heard nothing but good things from absolutely everyone, so don't worry Thomas! 

I really do enjoy working with seniors, and the more I think about it, I think they're my favorite sessions to do.  Seniors are full of energy, full of ambition.  They have their whole lives ahead of them.  They laugh a lot.  Plus, they're way easier than say, a 5 year old to get to sit still while you snap some pictures.  Although chasing 5 year olds is it's own set of fun. ;)

I hope Thomas is having a great senior year.  If you're reading, Tom, or anyone has any updates on him, I'd love to know how his college acceptance is going, or if he's made any final decisions! 

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Summer and seniors Yesterday was 65 degrees.  It was beautiful!  We were able to open the door and get some much needed fresh air flowing through the house! 

I met up with a mom yesterday about senior pictures for her daughter, class of 2020.  They already had their yearbook pictures done, but she wasn't crazy about them, so they asked if I could do them.  This is the best kind of senior portraits!  With no deadlines looming over us!  

I am going to throw back a little bit to July with my second senior session for the class of 2020!  Joseph Marques. 

Man, this kid is impressive.  He's president of everything.  Does band, drama, he helps run the SADD club, his grades are through the goes on and on. He's so respectful and so kind.  

I got to know him through his sister, who danced with my daughters.  I have watched him grow into a young man, as he stays active in school and volunteers to help at the dance studio and in various other charities.  He talked about college with me and plans after school and told me he wants to be a trauma surgeon and that Yale has been knocking on his door, offering him big scholarships to attend.  

I know since our session he's been accepted to Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  I'm not sure if any final decisions have been made, but I think Joe has a bright future ahead of him. 

Joe's Mom is a good friend, so it was nice that both his mother and father showed up and we got a chance to chat and catch up, as I don't see as much of her as I used to when her daughter danced.  I did Joe's sister's senior pictures as well a few years ago, in the same location we did Joe's, so it was a delight when she showed up about half way through our session!  She had been undecided on where her life was going 2-3 short years ago, but has since gone into child care and works with pre-school aged children.  She loves it and I have no doubt she's great at it. 

Joe plays trombone in the marching band and wanted to bring it along to his session.  Thanks to his dad, Tony, who not only lugged this around for most of the session, but also grabbed my stuff at one point and stopped letting me carry my bags.  Now I know where Joe gets his kindness and good heart from. 

You should be made aware of the fact that if you bring an instrument to our session, I'm going to make you play it.  Joe was put on the spot and didn't know what to play for me.  Never mind that he's been playing since like, 6th grade.  I think he just played me scales.  LOL.  You haven't lived until you've been to a beach and heard a trombone playing in the background. 

Joe is currently almost into his final semester of his final year of high school.  And then he's on to the rest of his life. 

2020 has officially begun and these seniors will be out into the world in six short months. As crazy as it sounds, I already have several class of 2021 seniors booked for this summer already.  So if you're a junior, or parent of a junior, and want to get your child in my books, it's never too early to contact me.  With that being said, please no freshmen contact me. ;)

Good luck Joe!  Don't forget to check back in with me because I know life will be amazing for you! 


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Looking Back At Summer....And Seniors As I near the end of the year, I have been looking back at all the great sessions this year.  All the new clients, all the past clients I got to see again.  The seniors from the class of 2020 that I got to meet this year....

I have to say, seniors may be my favorite sessions.  They come with so much energy and they always make me laugh.  And as much as I love all my littles, the seniors can sit still and take a direction which makes the sessions go a little easier, too.  I don't have to wear my running shoes for those. ;) 

I decided I'm going to start blogging again on a more regular basis, and I'm going to start at the very beginning of my seniors this year.  

Ashley Gray. 

Ashley came to me in July, before I left for Utah.  Ashley is a total goof.  I love her and frequently refer to her as my extra daughter.  She is smart, funny, a great dancer and has a high tolerance level for my crazy youngest daughter.  

Ashley came into our lives when my youngest was 3 and started dance.  Ashley was a helper in her class, and at the time, she was about 12.  My daughter would hang off her like a tick, and Ashley never minded.  As they both grew older, even though the age difference was vast, their bond seemed to grow stronger. 

At some point in that first year, I met Ashley's mom, Stacey, and her and I also seemed to hit it off.  I complimented her on her daughter's level of patience and kindness.  I have to say, after 6 years, Stacey is one of my best friends and closest confidants.  

Ashley is a competitive dancer at Spotlight Dance Studio and has been dancing since she was 2.  This year is her 16th and final year at the studio.  She competes at the regional and national level and has brought home more elite golds, high scores, overall scores and special awards than I can count.  She is not only a part of the dance team, that includes dances in the jazz, tap, ballet and musical theater genres, she is also a member of The Crew, which is the hip hop team at the studio.  As someone who has a daughter on both teams, I can attest to the work and dedication it takes for them to be part of both teams.  They are spending about 15-20 hours a week in the studio rehearsing, along with all their school work and other extra curricular activities.  She has danced at Disney World multiple times, performed at Miss Massachusetts Outstanding Teen Pageant along with countless other special performances. 

She is amazing at applying make-up and is frequently the one team members go to see when they need their eyelashes applied.  She makes amazing cakes.  And, oh yeah, did I mention she's great with kids?! 

She's currently exploring her options after high school to pursue a degree in early childhood education.  Something I have been telling her since she was 12 that she would be amazing at.  Not just my daughter, but every young kid she works with seems to gravitate towards her.  She just has that personality that fits so well with littles.  

It actually physically hurts my heart to think of her not being at the dance studio next year.  When I get to the studio, my own kids ignore my presence, but Ashley is always waving to me through the windows.  And mostly pretending she's disgusted by my existence.  But she loves me. ;)

When your senior leaves their one hour session with me, I think about them long after.  I wonder a lot how my previous seniors are, what their life journey has brought them and if their career path is the same as when they chatted with me on that warm day during their senior session.  I have been fortunate that some seniors have become close friends, already were close friends, or are family.  

For instance, one senior I got to work with just announced she is being hired by Gilette Stadium to work with the grounds crew on the field when she graduates college this upcoming May.  So amazing!  

I am thankful that though Ashley will no longer be part of my daily life, that hopefully I will get to her grow into an even more amazing version of herself.  

This was definitely my hardest senior session to date because of the emotional factor.  Good luck, Ashley.  I know whatever you choose to do, you'll do it big, you'll do it great, you'll do it with flair and you'll make everyone laugh while knocking it out. <3




Location: Plymouth, MA. Brewster Gardens and Plymouth Pier


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Payment Changes Once again, I have not kept up on this blog as I should.  Life and editing get away from me in a hurry. 

Recently, I have switched off taking payments via PayPal.  They have recently undergone some changes that I did not like that were no longer good practices for my business, so I made the switch.  I am now using Square.  Your credit card info is still safe, if not safer, through the new system.  Every transaction is encrypted so you can rest easy knowing I never even see your number, let alone store it.  In this digital age your safety and privacy is very important to me.  And I won't even allow the option through my invoices for you to save your card number.  I know it's a pain to have to go get your wallet every time you make a transaction, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  So if you have worked with me in the past and see a different looking invoice from me, please be assured it is still my business you're purchasing through, just an upgraded version of me.  

Second, I am so blessed and grateful to be so busy this summer.  I was just telling my husband I don't believe I've had a weekend off, except that 3 weeks we went to Utah, all summer! I have done everything from graduations to bar mitzvah's to high school seniors.  I've loved every second and every new face.  My prices did recently increase, and I have to thank everyone that continues to book anyway. With that being said, I have been having trouble collecting retainer fees lately.  I understand that life gets crazy and sometimes the time just gets away from you.  Please understand I have been very busy this summer and that multiple people have been asking for dates to get their sessions in.  I have always held dates for those that wanted them in good faith, retainers paid or not.  That will no longer be the case.  I just don't have time currently to chase people down.  It's been taking time away from editing that so desperately needs to be done to have to go in and see who still owes what retainer fees and then have to actively work on that.  In the future, I will hold your date in good faith for 7 days. After that, your date will be released.  I always send 3 reminders for your payments, because as I stated, I understand life just gets crazy.  The final reminder will now include a reminder that if payment is not received within 24 hours, your date will be released.  You will not get an appointment confirmation until a retainer is paid.  I do not want to turn people away, and I am happy to rebook your date if no one has already taken it.  But I cannot be holding on to peak days in the fall and summer with no retainer when I have multiple families who would love the opportunity. The time is so fleeting.  Again, I am happy to talk with you about getting you on my books, and you are welcome to take the same date if it's still available, or book a new one! 

Similarly, I am also having issues with getting galleries promptly ordered and paid for.  I have just been so busy that I don't have time to deal with galleries from two months ago when I have six galleries I'm currently working through whether it's shooting, culling, editing or ordering. 

Starting October 15, please note that all sessions will have to be paid for by the date of your session.  All retainer fees are applied towards any Collection you wish to choose.  Which means a minimum of $150 will be due on the date of your session to cover Collection 4.  If you pay at your session for Collection 4 and then decide you want to upgrade to Collection 1 when you see your images, I am more than happy to send an invoice at that point for that balance, factoring in money already collected.  A reminder will be sent to you with your appointment reminder that a minimum of $150 will be due at the time of your session.  This applies to all sessions after October 15, whether or not your session was booked before this change took place or not, so please plan accordingly!  If you would like to see the Collections I offer, please visit  I always accept cash, check or credit card.  

I love my job but I'm just getting a little burned out chasing the money down and it's not where my heart is.  I hate having to be the bad guy.  I feel like these changes will eliminate a lot of that on me.  I have loved every session I have worked this year.  I have laughed a lot, I have found new friends, I have learned so much about all of you!  I am grateful for every opportunity and I thank everyone for their understanding in these matters.  Please, please, please, if you have an outstanding invoice and just need a little grace period, please talk to me.  I am more than happy to work to find a resolution that is in the best interest of the both of us.  And I am always more than happy to work a payment plan. 

Now, I believe I will start blogging about my summer of seniors starting early next week!  Make sure you join me! 


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History In Pictures Print your pictures.  I don't think I ever say this often enough.  It's why my Collections are 95% print products to 5% digital products.  Computers crash.  USB's get broken or lost.  Technology ages and becomes obsolete.  Prints will never disappear into the interwebs never to be seen again.  

That being said, I am thankful today for what the internet brought into my life.  It started out with an innocent conversation about a trip we may or may not be taking to Ireland.  How my mother's mother's family came from there, and one of her uncles, somewhere along the way, has documented all that family history right down to pictures of the houses they lived in.  So I mentioned if I could ever get a hold of that uncle's information (which, if he's still alive, would be well into his 80's at this point), it would take the trip to Ireland to a whole new level. 

Through circumstances outside my control, I have lost contact with all my mother's family.  And my mother passed away 8 years ago now.  My pictures of her are quite limited and every one that turns up in my life, I treasure.  

What a joy it was, then, when through my conversation about Ireland, my aunt pulled up my mother's family tree on to see if she could track down this "Uncle Leo" and any information he might have.  Within minutes, there was a picture staring back at me of a woman I knew.  And she didn't change until the day she died.  It was the face of my grandmother and grandfather.  And I had never seen a picture of them so young. 

But, family resemblance is strong, so I know my grandfather when I see him. I stared at this picture forever.  It so striking to see a picture of them so young and happy.  People you think you know everything about, and it turns out they had lives way before you ever showed up!

Then another picture popped up.  My mother's senior picture.  I hadn't seen that picture since I was a preteen and in my grandmother's home.  She had the senior pictures of all 5 of her kids hanging in her living room in chronological order, even though those kids were in their 40's and 50's by that point.  

I don't know what ever happened to the senior portrait that hung at my grandmother's house.  She passed away just two months after my mother did, and if anyone got that picture, they never called me to ask if I would like it.  For all I know, it ended up in a local landfill.  

And then a third picture came up.  I don't think a picture exists in my possession of my mother so young. 

The cute little boy behind her was my favorite uncle, who also passed a few years ago.  

This is not meant to be a sad tale of my family history.  Merely, a reminder.  Once these images were on my computer, I instantly sent them to the lab to be printed.  They will not be the best quality.  They are from an unknown source, and let's face it, photography from the 50's and 60's leaves a lot to be desired, quality wise.  But by the end of this week, these pictures will again grace walls.  My walls.  They will be reminders of loved ones gone, but never forgotten.  They will be reminders that they existed. 

I do not tell you to make sure you print your pictures because I want to make more money off you.  I tell you to print your pictures because it's very personal to me.  Every picture is a treasure.  They are so few and far in between, that everyone I find I stare at for hours.  Remembering stories and laughter, tears and cups of coffee.  

Everyone has a story.  I am so thankful for every client that lets me in or a moment to capture theirs.  

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Spring Mini Session Dates
Today is windy, rainy, crummy, miserable. I hope everyone is staying safe and dry inside as reports of damage, trees down, power outages and car accidents come in from all over the county.

But, on a happier note, I am releasing my spring mini session dates today.  I don't normally run spring mini sessions, so if you're looking for pictures at a slightly cheaper price than I normally offer, this is your chance.  I will likely not be offering mini's again until the fall or Christmas time.  The dates for spring mini's will be June 1 & 2 and June 8 & 9.  The sessions on June 1 & 2 will be for children only up to age 7.  The sessions being held June 8 & 9 will be for families, couples or maternity.  These sessions will take place in half hour increments from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm with the last session each day ending at 7:30 pm.  

These sessions will be $125 and will include 5 digital images and one 8x10 print.  As I did last year, I will be offering an early booking discount of $25. Book by February 28 to secure this offer. (Payment must be received by this date to qualify) There will also be a "book with a friend" discount of $15.  If you book with  a friend, you BOTH receive that discount.   Sessions must be paid within 7 days of booking to hold your spot, otherwise your time slot is released back for booking. If you would like me to set aside a date and time for you, please let me know and I am happy to do so!

Also, I have a very busy spring and summer ahead of me.  I already only have 2 dates available for April and May.  I will only be available the weekend of April 6 & 7 and May 4 & 5.  If you're interested in pictures this spring, please contact me immediately to secure your dates. It is never too early to book with me. And if you happen to have a high school junior heading into their senior year in the fall, I have already booked seniors, so please feel free to set aside those dates as well to secure them.   

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**Giveaway** It's the season of giving.  In my house, my beautiful 12 year old has been struggling with her self worth due to a bullying situation.  I would love to help another pre-teen or teenager who is struggling with loving themselves and who they are.  The kids that aren't cookie cutters and define beauty in their own way.  Please nominate someone you think deserves a photo session.  This will be free of charge to them.  It will include 10 digital downloads and an 11x14 fine art print.  I want to give back because every child deserves to feel beautiful, feel special and feel like they matter. 

Let me introduce you to my girl. 

If you've ever had a session with me, you've probably heard me talk about my girls.  This is Paige.  She has been struggling with bullies and after crying herself to sleep some nights, has informed me she no longer wants to go to school because they make her days so miserable. This is an honor roll student, who is losing her love for learning because of the constant taunting during class time. 

At 12 years old, she has won two scholarships for college already.  She aspires to be a defense lawyer.  As she puts it, "I won't believe a word that comes out of my clients mouths anyway, so it will be more of a challenge to get them off."  And her correction officer father spontaneously combusts.

She is the light of my life, and a better version of 12 than I ever was.  I have informed her being 12 just sucks.  It's awful.  But bullies are temporary and that in most cases, they have their own issues they're working through, whether it's bad home lives or their own insecurities.  I've tried to teach her empathy for her fellow human beings and that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Even so, their issues are not her fault, and it's never okay for someone to take their bad day out on you.    

So tell me why the special kid in your life deserves to be spoiled a little.  Send me their name, their story and their picture.  Leave a note here, on my Facebook page, messenger, email...whatever works best for YOU!  I will be randomly choosing a winner on Christmas Eve for a session to take place in the spring.  Please have your entries in by December 23 at 12:00 pm (noon, not midnight).  Please feel free to share, tag someone, or even nominate someone who isn't necessarily your child, but that you know could use some extra love!  Child must be a Massachusetts resident, or willing to travel to MA for their session. 


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Digital Downloads I have recently switched from CD's to digital downloads.  There was a little bit of confusion on my end as I started trying to streamline this process and make sure clients knew how to access their images.  I didn't love the way I was working with it and after some brain storming, I have started using a new idea that seems to be working well for me and my clients.

First and foremost, your privacy is important to me.  I have seen horror stories of images being stolen and not just used by people they don't know posing as them, or acting as if their children are their own, I have seen COMPANIES steal family images and use them for unauthorized promotions and advertising.  I have also received emails through my webhost of people being banned from my website trying to access galleries they have no authorization to be in.  

Download galleries are now their own separate galleries that will be password protected.  A password will be chosen and emailed to you.  If you happen to have something in mind that may make it easier for you to remember, please feel free to let me know! Download galleries will also NOT be hosted on my main website.  They will be invisible, basically.  You will be emailed the link to your gallery and that will be the only access point to your downloads.  This ensures that no one will even by utter chance guess your password (they get a very limited amount of guesses anyway before my webhost blocks them from my page). 

Of course, things go wrong and every once in a while I have issues with a client either getting into their gallery, or being able to physically download their images.  Please just email me and I am happy to work with you by emailing you the images, or working through the website issue with you.  

Once you have accessed your gallery, there is a downward facing arrow at the top of the page, above your image.  Click that button and a drop down menu will come up.  Select "download original" and then, the most important part, remember where you're saving your images on your computer for easy access later!  You are then free to do with your images what you'd like.  If you are sharing them on social media, I always appreciate a link to my facebook page or including my business name, but it's not necessary.  

And I would like to send a thank you to all the families that helped make my fall mini's a success.  I have some great ideas for spring, so stay tuned for announcements on concept and dates.  If you would like to be notified by email when those dates come out, please leave your email in the comments and I am happy to send out an email when I have the dates set in stone!

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Weekend Wedding Sale-50% off

This year has been all about portfolio building.  And so it continues!  For one weekend ONLY, I will be offering 50% off Wedding Collections.  

Here is the catch, and please read carefully: These discounted prices will be good for ONLY my time on site, your edited gallery, and the digital images listed for each Wedding Collection.  Print packages, canvases, metals and albums can be purchased for an additional fee.  These prices are good ONLY for 2019 weddings or later!  The deposit for this special pricing will be $500.  Deposits MUST be made within 30 days with a signed contract.  Please contact me for a meeting to pay your deposit and review the contract.  Deposits for weddings are only accepted in person.  

"Love At First Sight"
2 photographers
5 hours on site
online gallery
80 digital images
100 image slideshow for sharing on social media

"The Story Of Us"
2 photographers
6 hours on site
online gallery
100 digital images
100 image slideshow for sharing on social media

"She Said Yes"
2 photographers
8 hours on site
online gallery
120 digital images
100 image slideshow for sharing on social media

"Happily Ever After"
2 photographers
8 hours on site
online gallery
all gallery images on USB
100 image slideshow for sharing on social media


All wedding galleries also include a discount code for your guests, if they would like to purchase prints or digital downloads from your big day!  Let me know what your wedding hashtag is, and we can make it your discount code for easy to remember access.

If you have a 2018 wedding you still have not booked a photographer for, please contact me for available dates.  I am currently booking the remainder of my 2018 weddings at a 20% discount off my regular wedding pricing.  Please see my Wedding page for my regular wedding pricing.  

Dates are first come, first serve.  If you're interested in booking, but your date is unavailable, request to be put on my back up list. If a deposit is not paid within the 30 days, the date will be re-released to you at this discounted price.

These prices are good ONLY until Sunday, August 5, 2018.  


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Rolling Out the New Collections I am happy to say I worked for days last week to put together some great new Collections that will now be offered at Nichole B Photography.  These Collections include new products and now include Fine Art Prints.  These are printed on the highest quality paper to ensure your images last generations.  They display like gallery pieces.  Collection D will now also include a framed Fine Art Print.  You have your choice of a couple of different frame styles to compliment your home and décor.  I am so excited to roll out some of the new products! 

Below is the new Collections.  If you have already had your session with me, but have yet to order, please feel free to order from either this set of Collections, or the old ones.  Sessions booked today on out will be ordering off the new Collections. 



All Collections include photographer’s time and talent, a fully edited gallery, prints, digital downloads, shipping and an in-home ordering session.  All deposits will be deducted from the final total of whichever Collection you choose.


Collection A

8- 4x6
8 wallets
5 digital downloads


Collection B

1-11x14 Fine Art Print
2- 8x10
4- 5x7
8- 4x6
3 accordion mini albums
(all the same images)
(accordion mini’s can be substituted for a 6 image 4x4 cube)
5 digital downloads


Collection C

1 -16x20 Fine Art Print
1- 11x14 Fine Art Print
3- 8x10
4- 5x7

3 accordion mini albums
(all the same images)
(accordion mini’s can be substituted for a 6 image 4x4 cube)
10 digital downloads


Collection D

2- 16x20 Fine Art Prints
1- 11x14 Fine Art Canvas Print
1- 11x14 Fine Art Framed Print
(your choice of Ashland or Distressed Frame)
2- 8x10
1- 4x4 6 image cube
2- 5x7
15 digital downloads


Collection Add-On’s

Upgrade to an 8x8 cube for $25
Collection D- upgrade to a Colonial Frame for $30
substitute 1-4x4 cube for 3 accordion mini albums
substitute 3 accordion mini albums for 1 -4x4 cube
add an additional 4x4 cube for $35

A La Carte Pricing

(You must arrange to pick up a la carte items from photographer, or add a $7.50 shipping charge, unless added on to your original Collection.)

Wallets (sheet of 8)- $5
4x6- $8
5x7- $15
8x10- $20
11x14- $30
16x20- $40
4x4 cube- $35
8x8 cube- $65
accordion mini albums-$35
(must order in groups of 3)
Fine Art Print (8x10 or larger)- add $15 to any print price
digital download- $20 per image

Any Fine Art image can be mounted for a custom price.  Please contact me to sit down and discuss material and size desired.

Metal Prints

8x10- $65
11x14- $80
16x20- $95

Fine Art Canvas Prints

8x10- $65
11x14- $80
16x20- $95

Metal and Canvas pricing includes shipping.

Wood Holiday Ornament- $20 each
(engraving available)


Pricing on my Collections has stayed the same (with the exception of Collection D which increased slightly) and I worked really hard to bring quality products and images without increasing costs to you.  Several new products are available in the a la carte section.  Some pricing in the a la carte section has actually decreased, so if you have been wanting to purchase a canvas, you may find the price is actually less expensive than it used to be.  There are also several add on's I have included for the main Collections.  You can upgrade some of your Collection items for minimal pricing in most cases.  Wallets are now a thing of the past (with the exception of Collection A) since I get so many requests to swap them out.  They are still available as an a la carte item though for a minimal price for a sheet of eight.  If you have a request for a size not listed, please contact me for custom pricing.

Ordering can still be done via email or text, or whatever is easiest for you, but I am now offering ordering sessions in your home to make the process much easier for you and take away a lot of the guess work.

As always, a payment plan can be arranged.  Please don't feel like quality work and product is out of your reach! Please just discuss your needs with me before your session.

What new Collection are looking forward to?

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New Products I am excited to announce I have begun working with a new lab.  I have gotten samples of this labs work and the colors are stunning and make the images really come to life.  I now have the option of so many different papers to print your images on.  Papers with a linen texture, a pebble texture, a lustre coating (which helps prevent fingerprints and sun fading of your images), metallic paper, so many different options.  I will also be offering in home consultations with your order process so you have the opportunity to hold some images in your hand and really SEE how the different textures and coatings can make images look.  These in home ordering sessions will not cost anything extra and come included in all packages.  These are not required, of course, you could always just make a request for a specific paper or your order will be printed on a standard glossy paper if no request is made.  I assure you the standard glossy prints are also a high quality.  If you would like the opportunity to look at the different options, but are not sure you'll have the time for an in home consultation after your session, please just ask me before your session to bring my example images with me and I would be happy to do so and you are free to browse the different print options after your session. 

Fine art prints will also be a thing.  I am super excited about this and intend to include a fine art print in most of my packages.  These are printed on a superior paper and showcase your images with a luxurious and professional look and feel.  The inks used also have a substantial longevity that ensure your prints last for generations. 

There are other new products that will be available that I can't wait to show you and roll out.  I am currently reworking my packages, while trying to keep pricing on the packages the same.  Wallet images will be a thing of the past (but still available upon request) but I'm hoping to add in even better options. 

For now, orders will continue to be printed through the current lab until the new Collections officially are released.  If you would like to meet with me to see some of the new options, please let me know and I'd be happy to meet up for coffee or in your home!

I am a big believer in prints.  CD's and USB drives collect dust and will become obsolete and get lost.  What is printed off those devices, is printed on inferior paper or products that do not represent the true colors and quality of your images.  Your family memories should be printed on the highest quality paper, by one of the highest quality printers so you can hold on to these memories for a lifetime.  I will be doing an experiment soon, printing through my lab, a few other quality labs that I highly recommend you use for your own digital images purchased from me, and then from places like Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.  I guarantee you will see a HUGE difference.  And not a good one either.  Many distort colors and crops leaving much to be desired for images you spent good money for at your session. 

I am constantly striving to give you the highest quality prints from your sessions.  I am excited for new changes and looking forward to new products.  I can't wait to hear the feedback from these new images.  And please, again, feel free to contact me if you would like to be one of the first to see these new prints and products! 

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New Year, Best Year Happiest of New Year's!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  It always seems to come so fast, but it goes so fast too!  This morning we are up early and back into the school routines.  I hope everyone has bundled up today because the temps are ridiculously chilly this morning.  Hang tough.  Spring is in 77 days.  We got this.  If only the days from Christmas to spring went as fast as the days from fall to Christmas!

Moving on....

This year, I would like to work on a building a few areas of my portfolio.  Weddings being one.  So if you're a bride with a wedding at least six months out, contact me!!  I'm offering a 15% discount off ANY of my wedding collections and a bonus 11x14 metal print of your favorite image.  This offer is good until June, 2018.  This is a bonus that could save you anywhere from $150-$637!!!  AND a bonus print!  Except for our smallest wedding collection, all collections include 2 photographers and bridal albums.  Most Collections, except my lowest wedding collection, also include at LEAST 5 hours of coverage!! Depending on your wedding, that could cover your prep, ceremony AND a lot of your reception!  Let's make this happen!  I would love to book at LEAST 2 weddings by the end of the year. (they don't have to happen this year, but I would LOVE to schedule some in my books) Go check out the bonuses that come with the wedding collections. Refer a bride and receive 20% off your next session!!! That could be anywhere from $24-$52 depending on your Collection! Make sure she lets me know you sent her, or send me a message so I know who to give credit to!

Another offer currently happening: winter portfolio building.  Let me start this by saying the temps lately have been dangerously cold.  I am not into putting myself, or you into a potentially harmful situation.  With that being said, I would love a few brave couples (no families please) who wouldn't mind tackling the elements with me.  Must have a fairly flexible schedule and be able to go out very shortly after a snowfall (or better, during, but again, a light snow.  I will not bring people out into dangerous conditions, and that includes dangerous driving conditions).  These couples will receive a FREE digital image from their session.  No purchase is necessary.  You don't need to pay me a deposit, you don't need to purchase a Collection.  However, if you do decide you would like to order a Collection after you get your gallery, you will receive a 15% off any Collection.  I will need couples who are not afraid of a little PDA in front of the camera, and who would not mind these images being used for advertising and portfolio building. If you're interested, please send me an email (which can be found in the "contact" section of my website) and a picture of you and your lovely S/O.  You can also send me a PM on facebook if you're more active over there.  If you'd like to tell me a quick story of the two of you, that would be lovely as well.  I will be choosing 2-3 couples by no later than January 9.  Or next Tuesday for those of you, like me, who have no flippin' idea what the date is ever.  If chosen, you will be contacted by email.  So even if you PM me, please leave me your email address!

Okay, third on my list.  Wait....there's MORE?!  Yes, there is.  I am so, so, so grateful to clients who come to see me frequently.  Some clients have become friends as well and I am so thankful to have come across some of these people in my life.  As a thank you, returning clients, please enjoy a free print this year (in a size of YOUR CHOICE) and an extra 5 digital downloads on all Collections.  This is good ALL YEAR.  If you come see me 3 times, you will receive this offer 3 times.  If you come see me for Christmas mini's, you will receive the usual downloads, PLUS 5 more.  And a print!  I could not have built this business without you.  (This offer is only good by itself, though.  If you are one of my fabulous returning clients, and you also refer me a bride, you have your choice between this offer or the bride referral bonus.)

Last on my list....I have been terrible, terrible, terrible about pre-planning.  There are things I should have planned out early in the year, and then by the time I think of them, I have booked in my calendar and it's hard to fit in the extras.  So, I am announcing Mini dates.  I will be doing 3 sets of mini sessions this year. 
Beach Mini's: June 22-23 in half hour increments running from 5:30-8:30. 
Fall Mini's: October 20-21 in half hour increments from 3:00-5:00
Christmas Mini's: November 24-25 in half hour increments from 11-3.  This years theme will be Christmas pajamas! I am hoping to find a backdrop that mimics a bed, with an air mattress and bedding!
If these all fill in, I am not adverse to adding an additional day or an extra hour in somewhere. 

Mini sessions will be $125 and include 8 digital images.  IF YOU BOOK WITH A FRIEND, you will BOTH receive $25 off this price.  Both invoices will need to be paid 1 week before mini sessions.  Unfortunately, these sessions will also be non-refundable.  If both invoices are not paid by one week prior to the mini sessions, the remaining client will be billed the additional $25. 

Book early and receive $15 off! (Not to be used in combination with the "book with a friend" discount)
Beach Mini's- book by April 1
Fall Mini's- book by August 1
Christmas Mini's- book by September 1

Mini sessions are paid in advance.  An invoice will be issued with your discounted rate.  All unpaid invoices will be cancelled by 8:00 pm on the cut off dates and reissued with the regular amount. 

So there we have it!  I am looking to grow even more this year.  I would love to meet new people and add new things into my portfolio!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has stuck with me this far.  I would love to see all of you again this year, and hopefully meet new people!

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Baby Ashlyn Back to the blog.  I had some really fun and wonderful sessions this summer and I can't wait to dive more in depth here on the blog!

Baby Ashlyn came into the world on May 21.  She is so fortunate to have a very protective big brother, who kept a close eye on things and made sure she was comfortable and well taken care of while we were working. 

Like, seriously.  How cute are they?!  He had lots and lots to say about having a new sister and told me all about how first grade had been that year.  He is always full of energy and always has stories to tell me when I see him.  I'm betting Ashlyn will be the quieter of the two simply because she won't be able to be heard!

Already adored by her family she is definitely one of the best babies I have ever worked with.  We worked together over the course of two days and I think maybe I only heard a few little squeaks out of her in that whole time.  She was quite happy to lay peacefully and nap for a while.

So sweet and sooo teeny.  One of the smaller newborns I have worked with for sure, too.  So delicate, tiny and fragile.  Sometimes you forget just how small these little ones come.  It's nice to sit down and snuggle a baby for a while when I'm working.  Definitely a highlight to my working life.

This was not exactly an ideal pose for me, but she was so comfy, and had those arms tucked in really tight, so I let her slide like this for a few shots.  Sometimes when they're nice and comfy, I just let them be.

I'm hoping I get to see Miss Ashlyn a few more times (or many more times!) as she grows.  Such a small little peanut.  And as she's already four month old (!) she doesn't seem much bigger.  Moms, Dads, treasure these tiny times.  They're over quickly.  The amount of growing in the first year is absurd.  Ashlyn, I am so thankful to have been asked to work with you.  And congratulations Sara, Shane and Keegan on your beautiful little girl. 





****All images are property of Nichole B Photography.  Please do not copy or print.  If you would like permission to use these images, please contact me at [email protected]*****

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Christmas Mini's Good Lord, it's been precisely forever and four days since my last blog post.  This summer got crazy busy between my family travel time and sessions that were sometimes back to back to back.  But we got through it, and it's time to get back to the blog.  I enjoy giving people a more broad look at my sessions rather than a small snapshot of an image that goes on my facebook page. 

I will return to that Monday or Tuesday, beginning with baby Ashlyn. 

However, today, I want to discuss the Christmas Mini's.  I have likely chosen the backdrop based on the overwhelming favorite on my facebook page. 

If you are not crazy about this, and want to see the other options, go to my facebook page and feel free to let me know which is your favorite. 

I am so fortunate that VIPet Grooming in the Galleria Mall has graciously offered to host my mini sessions again this year.  Keeping in mind that people many times use these for their holiday cards, I am hoping to offer these sessions either the weekend before Thanksgiving, or the weekend after.  In the interest of time I am also doing away with the CD's this year (unless you specifically request them).  I will instead be offering digital downloads.  Once you let me know which images you would like out of your gallery, those images will be made available in your gallery to download.  This gives you instant access instead of having to wait several days on your mail.  You will be able to work on your holiday cards that much quicker and get them sent out. 

These will be $125 and include 6 digital images for downloading and a half hour session.  If you have not worked with me before, there will also be an online gallery for viewing and sharing, available for three weeks.  Additional prints may also be purchased through your gallery at a discounted price.  Your digital downloads will also be watermark free and you can print these at your convenience with your print release.  I will give you some recommendations of where to print through and I cannot be held responsible for quality if printed elsewhere.  Unfortunately, Walmart's, Target's and local pharmacies are not equipped to print professional images and many times, images will appear slightly distorted and colors skewed when printing professional images through these locations.  I would highly suggest and I have found shutterfly to be quite reliable. is also highly recommended.  If you're unsure of a place, sent me a quick message and I would be happy to give you a thumbs up or down.  These above listed places also have wonderful holiday card templates available as well and I know at least Mpix has an option to upload your OWN template, if you have one. 

If you would like to be placed on my email list when dates are confirmed, please leave your email in the comments below, or if you're not comfortable with that, send me a quick PM or an email letting me know.  These will be pre-paid sessions to keep things moving quickly and easily the day of.  These are also being offered to clients of VIPet Grooming so I expect times to be limited and to fill in fast.  People that leave their email will be informed of the dates and times for these mini sessions before they are listed on my facebook page, so they will have first access to times. 

I hope to see some new families and some returning families!  Spread the word, tell your friends and let's make this a great mini session. 

OH!  And because it's being hosted by the lovely VIPet Grooming, pets are welcomed, but not necessary! 

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The Elsmore's-Maternity Alison and Joe.  I have been working with them for over a year now.  I have done many different images for them.  And they have become not just clients, but friends.  I was so honored to be invited to their wedding last year, not as their photographer, but as their guest.  Their engagement was rather fast and in less than a year from engagement, they were saying "I do."  So imagine my surprise about 7 or 8 weeks after the wedding when I got a text from Alison saying they would be welcoming a baby to their mix!

She is due at the end of this month and she is just so tiny and adorable.  If only we could all look so amazing while pregnant!

Like, seriously, gorgeous. 

I think one of my favorite parts of my job is really getting to know clients.  Getting to celebrate all the amazing parts of life with you.  Weddings, engagements, babies and just being a family. 

I had talked to Alison about maybe working some water shots with me.  How she would feel about getting into the water fully dressed and making some beautiful imagery together.  I did NOT originally put together that we would be doing these at the end of May.  In New England.  The day itself was rather cool, but Alison was all in.  I tried to keep her out of the water, along the beach, in just at her ankles...

Until she flat out yelled at me.  "That's it?!  I was all in for this.  I was prepared to go out there!"  So, since she was absolutely sure, and still all in, despite the cool weather, out we went. 

Here's one thing I can tell you, if I ask you to do something insane, I'm doing it with you.  In I went, into the frigid Atlantic to capture something beautiful for her. 

And I could overshare to death because I am just in love with every beach image from this session.

So if you have something specific in mind, don't be afraid to ask!  At this point, there isn't much I haven't done for a picture. 

Congratulations, Joe and Alison.  On everything.  And thank you for trusting me and asking me to capture some of the most amazing parts of your life. 


******************All images on this blog are property of Nichole B Photography.  Please do not copy, save or print.  If you would like permission to use these images, please contact me at [email protected]*********************


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Cousins Make The Best Friends I have been working with this cute, adorable little boy since he wasn't even quite a year old.  I mean, look how sweet and little he STILL is, but how fun it's been checking in with him every so often and seeing how he's growing!  He is the sweetest boy, full of energy, and lots of love for his Mom. 

This time, he brought his whole family!  His little sister and his cousins as well joined us for the afternoon.  There is NOTHING easy about working with five young kids.  But you sure do laugh a lot! 

Little Miss Mackenzie is the hardest of this group to photograph.  She is a strong willed little girl and was having absolutely NONE of me OR my camera.  It happens sometimes.  I just backed off, didn't force her and figured she'd warm up to me at some point and I could get some sneaky pictures of her. 

I kinda almost had her for this shot, but nope.  She changed her mind at the last minute.  I so adore this shot, too.  Something about the simplicity of it.  I think, at this point, Mom had given up all hope of actually getting photographic evidence of her existence at this particular shoot. 

But then, her cousin picked her a flower.  And maybe, just maybe, she started to relax a little and ignore my camera. 

And maybe she even started to enjoy my camera a little bit!  I wanted to make sure Mom had at least one wonderful picture of her most elusive child.  I'm happy to say I got at least 3 or 4, but this one above is definitely my favorite. 

And, oh yeah!  The whole point of this session was to get ALL FIVE KIDS together, looking and smiling as a picture for grandma.  Well, it literally took me all session. 

Mission.  Accomplished.  I never back down from a challenge.

Thank you Chyenne for booking with me again.  I know you probably don't believe me, but it's always a pleasure working with you and your beautiful children.  And what a treat to meet the whole family this time!  And thank you to your brother and sister as well.  This was definitely a four adults needed kind of a session!



*****************All images in this post are property of Nichole B Photography.  Please do not copy, save or print.  If you would like permission to use these images, please contact me at [email protected]*******************

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The Davine Family Way back in December, Lynn contacted me about a shoot as a Christmas gift for her parents.  We settled a date way back then and then I sent her a nice little certificate she could include in a card or something.  How were we to know in December this would be such a rainy spring?!  We had to move stuff around a little bit to make everything work just right for everyone.  It's HARD coordinating seven schedules and three households all at the same time!  So thankful we got this one in! 

I have had a few people contact me this year about sessions with grandparents, and I just adore it. 

These grandparents were clearly so proud of their grandchildren.  I love the easy nature they all had together. 

When you have a large group, there's so many different aspects to photograph, and so many relationships that work together and alone.  It's fun to catch some of those great interactions.

This brother and sister were great together.  Usually when I suggest a sibling touch the other sibling, they give each other the stink eye and act like touching each other will cause them to spontaneously combust.  My own two children are guilty of this, too.  None of that from these two.  They seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company!  It doesn't get much better than that!

When I get people one on one, I ask them questions and genuinely get to enjoy knowing who they are.  And usually, we can get some real, genuine smiles out of people, too!  I find, especially children, have a real smile, and then their "camera" smile.  I don't want camera smile.  I want the good stuff.  This guy cracked me up, and himself, and I just love the smile here.

And his sister was just a dream to photograph, too!  So natural in front of the camera and a very easy personality.  I don't remember girls being so pretty when I went to high school!  I felt like we were all a hot mess, gawky and awkward trying to figure out our place.  This young lady is gorgeous and oozes confidence. 

And I was so thankful this adorable couple agreed to some time in front of my lens together.  Usually it seems the adults don't want to be in the limelight like the kids do.  But these two were amazing.  Forty-six years together this year and they are still laughing and joking and enjoying each other's company and sense of humor!  May we all be so fortunate!  This is my relationship goals, right here. 

Thank you to the Davine Family for working through some rough weather with me and for hanging in there while we found the perfect time to fit in their session!  You guys were such a joy to work with and probably my easiest family to date!  You have set the bar high!



**All images in this blog are property of Nichole B Photography.  Please do not copy, save or print.  If you would like permission to use these images, please contact me at [email protected]


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Troy And Olivia Prom season has already come and gone. And just like that, another school year is almost behind us!  I was thankful this year to be asked by one of my very best friends to do prom pictures for her son and his date.  I have known this young man since he was 8 or 9, so it's hard for me to believe he's even old enough to attend prom! 

Always waiting on a woman, so I took the opportunity to do a couple of solo shots of Troy while his date got dressed and got her make-up done.

Loved the touch of red on him.  Red seemed to be the color of prom season this year! 

When Olivia arrived, she looked positively stunning.  I don't know how she possibly could've danced in her shoes all night.  She assured me, though, that as a gymnast, her shoes would be off fairly quickly and tucked under the table since she's most comfortable barefoot anyway.

I asked that we do the corsage and boutonniere on site so I could take pictures.  I forgot how HARD boutonnieres are to put on!  And it didn't disappoint trying to get Olivia to put it on.  I assured her everyone was wearing red, so if she poked him with the needle, no one would ever even know.

With a little perseverance (and a little help from mom!) we got it on, and I'm happy to report no one was injured in the making of these pictures. 

Dance the night away.  Prom comes only but a few times.  These are memories you will hold dear in your heart for a lifetime.


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Aedan Up on the blog today is Mr. Aedan.  This cute little boy first came to me before he was ever even born!  He was one of my first Watch Me Grow Babies. 

And from there, he just grew.

And grew some more!

I was honored to be invited to his first birthday party when his big day came around.  We found out he doesn't like to be the center of attention, and cake isn't his thing. 

Aedan, you have been a wonderful joy for the last year.  Not in a single session has he ever shed a tear.  He has been an absolute delight.  He is just sunshine and happiness.  And maybe a couple dirty looks at his final session when we woke him from his nap to do pictures. 

I hope in the not too distant future, I get to work with this handsome man again.  I am finding the worst part of the Watch Me Grow packages is the last shot of the last session! 

If you're interested in a Watch Me Grow Package, please contact me at [email protected] to book.  All Watch Me Grow Packages come with an album from images at every session!  The first year (and every year after that, actually!) goes by so fast. 





****All images featured on this blog are copyright of Nichole B Photography.  Please do not copy, save or print.  If you would like permission to use one of these images, please contact me at [email protected].****

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Summer Mini's Things I need to work on: Organization.

That being said, my Mother's Day mini's were too last minute and a lot of people were booked for those days, but still really interested in the mini sessions.  Plus, there still seems to be some strain of a virus making it's last swipe through our kids before it lets us go for the summer!  I had a client tell me her son was ill all last week, and then my own daughter woke up with it Saturday morning. 

I told a lot of people that I would be working on a beach mini session this year and I have spent the last 2 weeks pulling time out of my calendar to make sure I had a spot for them.  I have decided on the dates July 21 and 22.  A Friday and a Saturday.  Rain dates will be the following week, July 28 and 29, just in case!  Seems to be a rainy year this year so far! 

These will take place at Plymouth Beach, in Plymouth, MA, which is just down the road from Plymouth Rock.  (The picture above was taken at this location) I will list times available and try to keep them filled in as bookings come in.  They will be in half hour blocks back to back, so I ask that they be prepaid in order to keep everything moving quickly the day of.  Unfortunately, times will NOT be held until payment is received.  In the past, I have blocked off times for people who cancel last minute or are no shows, leaving others who wanted that spot unable to make the session as well.  Please leave me your email address and preferred time in the comments, PM me, email me at [email protected], or send me a call or text to reserve your spot.  I will do my best to keep this list up to date as spots fill up so you can see available times.


July 21                                                           July 22

4:30                                                                         4:30

5:00                                                                         5:00

5:30                                                                         5:30

6:00                                                                         6:00-Vicki Goetz

6:30                                                                         6:30-Kathy Belmont-Reiser

7:00                                                                         7:00


These sessions can be used for any kind of session I offer (or that you can think of!) except newborns. Get creative, tell me your ideas and let's make something special!


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Mother's Day Minis I wasn't planning on running any mini sessions this spring, but then, I received a catalogue in the mail last night geared towards Mother's Day and my heart melted. 

Okay, I'm biased, but I LOVE Mother's Day.  Not that we ever actually get to relax on our day, right ladies?  But no matter what ridiculous items my kids bring in to me (one year, they brought me my coffee in bed, but couldn't find the cream, so they used strawberry kiwi juice.  It's exactly as it sounds.  I drank every drop of that coffee) my heart just melts. I'm so appreciative that even when I feel like everything I do goes unnoticed, this one day of the year, everyone seems to stop and reflect on just how quick the ship would sink without mom behind the wheel. 

With that being said, Mother's Day minis are happening.  Give yourself memories this year, or your best friend, or your own mother!  If I got a Dad reading, Mom will love this.  Trust me.  I would be so over the moon if someone booked this for me!  I hardly believe some years how quickly the time passes and I find the older I get, and the older my kids get, the more I want to capture every single moment. 

I will be offering these on May 5 (Friday) and May 7 (Sunday).  They will take place at War Memorial Park in W. Bridgewater MA (only about a 15-20 minute ride from the Taunton area and right off Rt 106). 

The sessions will be $100 and will include 8 of your favorite images on a disc with print release along with an 8x10 print of your favorite image.  They will be half hour sessions and will still include a full gallery that can be shared with friends and family.  Additional images can also be purchased through your gallery. 

I am going to run these in half hour sessions back to back, so I am asking if you're interested in booking one of these sessions to leave me your email address and I will send you a link to prepay your session along with a booking agreement.  That way we're not dealing with these details the day of and I can keep all the sessions running on time.  Contact me at [email protected] or send me a PM on facebook, or leave me a comment here!  I will leave a list of available times here and do my best to keep it updated as people start filling in times!  I hope to see all you amazing Mom's there! 


May 5                                                    May 7
3:00-                                                      3:00-
3:30-                                                      3:30-
4:00-                                                      4:00-
4:30-                                                      4:30-
5:00-                                                      5:00-
5:30-                                                      5:30-
6:00-                                                      6:00-

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Return From Vacation Another wonderful vacation in the books.  The weather was warm and sunny all week, and for the first time in a while, I left my kids behind (in good hands) for a few days.  I'd lie and say I slept in, but all those days of having an alarm set for 5:30 am has set my internal alarm as well.  It was a nice chance to hit the reset button, though, as I've been feeling a little like I've been burning the candle at both ends since school started in September.  This year has flown by so very fast and I cannot believe we're already looking down the barrel of the end of yet another school year.

Speaking of gearing up towards the end of another school year, prom season is upon us. I have already booked a session with a lovely young man and his prom date to do pictures for this prom season.  If you'd love me to come out and take individuals, or group photos of your junior or senior, I'd be more than happy to do so.  Groups are welcome as well!  Can be done at your home or at a location of your choice!  I am currently running a special for these until the end of April.  Book by the end of April and get all gallery images on a disc for $75.  Galleries will be active for viewing for three weeks.  These galleries can be shared with family and friends.  The $75 fee doesn't come with prints, but prints can always be added at a later date.  A list of trusted labs will also be provided to you for printing purposes for quality assurances.  Please contact me for available dates and times.  My days are already filling up fast!  Let's get your teen in before all spots fill up!  I will be taking appointments for proms until April 30th.  After that date, I will only continue booking sessions if there's availability left.  The way my calendar looks right now, that is not a guarantee. 

Don't forget the deal for the new For Your Home section of my website.  Enter code "ForYourHome10" at checkout to receive a 10% discount off any item listed in the shop.  These fine art prints would make a gorgeous addition to any home.  Order before April 30th for your discount (code expires on the 30th) and get these in time for a beautiful, unique Mother's Day gift.  If you would like the added beauty of boutique packaging, add $10 to your total and contact me for a custom payment link!

Here are two new images that have been added to the "For Your Home" gallery this week. 

These will print without "proof" written on them.  Both images were captured at The Flower and Garden Festival at Walt Disney World's Epcot.  Bring a little of the Festival right into your home.  This is my favorite time of year to be at Disney.  If you've never been, try going one year.  The festival usually runs about 6-8 weeks from late March into early May.  They do amazing things there with topiaries and flowers.  These images were taken on my brand new 85 mm lens that I have been drooling over for years.  My husband, bless his soul, finally caved and bought it for me as a late birthday/anniversary gift.  I am so thankful I got it in time to bring it to the Flower and Garden Festival with me! 



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New Blog, New Section There never seemed to be a good time to start a blog for my business.  This morning though, I have several announcements for my photography followers that seemed far too wordy for a facebook post.  And yay!  Now I guess I finally have a blog to share some more about my sessions in depth and some behind the scene stuff that happens.

The last two days, I have been working hard on a "For Your Home" section of my website.  I take my camera everywhere.  Absolutely everywhere.  My kids and my husband will attest to this.  I usually get yelled at around 5:00 am on vacation days when my husband gets up and I'm already awake, sitting on the balcony of a hotel room, somewhere in a warm climate, working on pictures that have been taken the day before.  Or worse yet, working on client pictures that I already said were going to be a week behind schedule because of a vacation.  I still try to get your images to you in a timely matter, no matter how close to my vacation you book.  The truth is, most vacations are working vacations for me in some form or another.  Even if I'm only taking pictures of flowers, or landscapes, or bugs!  I'm always holding up our progress to some destination by stopping for a picture.  My kids now not only know this, they participate.  "Oooh, Mom!  Look at this great flower!  Look how the moon peeks through the tree branches!"  The are not helping my addiction, they're only adding to it. 

I am pleased to say though that occasionally I have submitted images to websites devoted to the place we've just come from, and in several instances, my images have been featured on their websites.  I have also had my images picked up and featured in local newspapers around the country.  I am so grateful and humbled by where my photography journey has taken me in such a short time.  When I started out, I never dreamed I could accomplish what I have already and look to the future with ambition.  I am so excited to travel more and bring my trusty camera with me and see more beauty that the world has to offer. 

In the meantime, I have spent HOURS going through LOTS of folders in the picture section of my external hard drive and my computer hard drive.  I have forgotten a lot of these pictures and then got to fall in love with them all over again!  I have decided to offer a "For Your Home" section on my website.  All these beautiful images, some featured in newspapers and on travel websites, are now available for you to own as beautiful additions to your home.  Prices range from $35-$65 depending on size.  You can add a lustre coating at checkout for a minimal fee that adds an extra layer of protection to your images to ward off fading from sunlight and fingerprints from those little that are always into anything from food to slime.  Okay, I may be overboard saying your images will be protected from slime.  But definitely fingerprints. 

If you're looking for one stop shopping and just having everything ready to go on the wall when you get your image, I am also offering a wide array of picture frames to compliment any home décor.  Everything from silver and shiny to a blond mahogany to probably anything you can think of in between.  Frames range in price from $64 to $164 (again, depending on size needed) and are gorgeous add-on's to help your images pop off the wall. 

For the first time, I am also offering metal prints.  These are printed on 1/16" aluminum sheet.  They are a beautiful modern piece of wall art that will make your print shine vividly with color on your wall.  They will arrive at your door, complete with floating mount and ready to be hung right out of the box.  All you need to do is find the perfect spot for them!  These range in price from $75-$200.  They will really make your images look like a stunning piece that came right off the wall of a gallery.

You can find many different image options on my website at  You can also find it by going to the main page of my website and clicking on the "For Your Home" tab on the left of the page.  I am featuring many different types of images from flowers to landscapes to animals!  Where able, I have tried to include the location these images were taken as well.  Some were taken in New York, some New Hampshire, some in DC, a LOT right here in my hometown. So go ahead, browse around and share the page with friends and family!  Now some of my favorite images can be your images too! And for a very limited time ONLY, I am offering 10% off any print, metal print or frame in the "For Your Home" section of my website!  Now is the time to buy as prices will be returning to their normal prices as of April 30th.  Purchase now for a beautiful Mother's Day gift for one of the most amazing people in your life!

Some other minor announcements, I will be on vacation starting Monday 4/10 quite early in the morning. I may be slow to respond to emails, private messages and texts starting that day.  I will resume normal hours on Friday, 4/14.  

And amazing news?  My husband, bless his soul, bought me a brand new lens for my camera that I've been drooling over for years.  This makes lens number 4.  It is currently out for delivery and should be at my door by the end of the day today.  Moral of the story?  It's going to be another working vacation for me.  And who knows, maybe I'll have some more images that you can add to your home by the end of next week!  Time will tell.

If you got to the end, leave me a comment!  What do YOU think of the "For Your Home" section?  What types of images move you?  And most importantly, what kinds of things would you love to see featured in this blog?  No opinions?  Say hi anyway!  I am looking forward to more entries and expanding these new sections of my website.

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