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About Me

Hi!  I'm Nichole.  I'm a thirty-something Mom of two and wife to one unbelievable guy that I thank my stars every day I was lucky enough to run into at seventeen.  And even happier that I had the common sense at that age to hold on to him!

I'm passionate about a lot of things.  Photography, crochet, cross stitch and family, to name a few.  I'm not a sit-stiller, I'm a go-doer.  My brain always seems to be functioning over-time and looking towards a next project.

I started getting serious about photography almost five years ago.  Before then, I had always been considered the family "photographer."  At any family event, you could always be sure I'd have my camera, and take far too many pictures.  When my second daughter was born, I realized no one in my area offered the kind of photography that I was looking for.  The kind that makes you stare, makes you feel something, moves you.  I don't want to be the photographer that sits people in front of a backdrop and yells, "Say cheese!"  I don't want every family's portraits to look just like the last photo shoot I did.  That's not me. 

I am certainly not the cheapest photographer in the area, and I don't claim to be.  However, I AM the photographer that pays immaculate attention to detail.  You will not pay me any extra to painstakingly go through every image of you and photoshop out that blemish that popped up over night, or the bruise on your son's head when he happened to fall the night before.  There's no need to reschedule your appointment.  Pull me aside during your shoot and let me know about the hair that you just can't get to lay flat today, and I will do my best to makes sure any fly-away's are tamed during the editing process.   However, I am against making anyone look plastic, or unlike themselves.  If that scar bothers you, and you'd like me to soften it, I can, but I believe our scars, our beauty marks, our birth marks, they make us who we are.  You are beautiful just the way you are.  I don't want to make you someone you're not.

I have also been known to spend hours sitting at my computer getting rid of that annoying distraction in the background, so that all focus in the image falls solely on you.  I spent six hours one morning photoshopping houses out of five images.

I am also open to going to your house, your favorite location, anywhere that you feel most relaxed in.  I feel confident in my ability to get a great photo almost anywhere. 

Since I began my business three years ago, my images have been featured on travel websites, in magazines and in local newspapers.  They have been used as examples for other photographers and awarded by my peers.  I have also been asked to be an editor of a popular photography website and appear as a guest judge.  I am so honored with the successes I have had along my short journey so far.  I try to spend as much time learning and growing as a I possible can.  I am always growing and perfecting.  

I would be honored if you chose me as your photographer let me capture this moment in your life, whether it's an engagement, a birth, a pregnancy or a First Communion.  Or maybe you just need some updated family portraits.  I am so grateful for any opportunity to learn, to expand, to grow. 

I know too well that little ones don't stay little for long. Let me help you capture the moment before it's gone!